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Greetins And Salutations In The Name Of Love!


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My friends,


I am delighted to find you! I am a progressive Christian author who has recently released two books, Crossing Twice: Answers from the Source My linkand Spirit Thinking: Your 30 Day Guide to Enlightenment. Both works are based on my NDE and spiritually transformative experience of my crossing through death, the veil and into the Source that awaits all of us! It is such joy, love, peace and inclusion on the side which awaits all of us. I'm sure I was there because I was a Christian. However, their were billios of souls there, from all faiths and walks.


For me, progressie Christianity means God is still speaking. We have the Bible has a toucstone, but we are to intelligently apply the 2000 year old world carefully to modern times and culture.


Enough on my soapbox. I just wanted to say hello.


Reece Manley, DD, M.Ed, MPM


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Welcome, DrReece.


I'll browse your website a bit later. I find NDEs to be interesting. I've never had one, but my wife has threatened me with them occasionally. :D


Looking forward to hearing more from you.



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