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Centering Prayer


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I see this is somewhat old now, but I just wanted to say that I practice centering prayer off and on; more off lately than on, although I'm kind of just coming back to Christianity after delving into eastern philosophies for a long time. I have to say that I've seen some people on this board discussing a type of simple verbal prayer and referring to it as centering prayer. I hope that anybody who's confused about what centering prayer is will find your link and check it out. I've read all of Fr. Keating's works & thoroughly enjoyed them.

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In case anyone is not acquainted with Thomas Keating and the Centering prayer:




Is anyone a practitioner? Or gone to a retreat?


I've found centering prayer to be very good for my spiritual life...when I'm doing it. :)


If you don't mind the tangent to your thread, a really good book about the mystical path is Mark Thibodeaux's Armchair Mystic




Welcome to tcpc! What brought you back to Christianity?



Lance, I'd like to hear your story as well, assuming you don't mind sharing.

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