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I Am What I Am


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I'm pretty sure I've been here before (a couple years back). I remember the 8 points. I've been posting a great deal on another message board, but the toxicity of the posts there have got me looking for a place where one is free to go against fundamentalist thought without being hammered with accusations of being a heretic, and then damned to hell by them. Oh yeah, I've been wished a speedy journey there before by those who call themselves Christian. :blink: (Not Uncommon)


My views are a mixing pot made up of several differing schools of thought. I come from a very strict Christadelphian background, however. I still attend their services from time to time, and have learned many things by doing so, but I cannot in a good conscience call myself a Christadelphian. My views are ever growing and developing into something much more substantial and real (to me).


I suppose if I had to label myself, I'd say that I am a follower of Christ - Not a Christian. At least this way people know when they speak to me that my views are NOT mainstream Christianity. It becomes more and more evident that this is the case the more I speak about what I believe. I believe in the resurrected Jesus, I believe He was crucified on the cross, but what that means to me is quite different than what it means to most Christians. I do not believe that Jesus was God, or even a god, but rather a man born of God. Yes, I do believe that He was Gods son, conceived by the Holy spirit, which makes Him more than a man, but less than a god in my mind.


So ... am I a progressive Christian. The 8 points suggest as much, but I'm probably a bit more conservative (Or not?) than are most. I certainly view the bible to be the inspired word of God, but not THE Word of God - In it are some errors [iMO]. Things such as God demanding a blood sacrifice to appease His anger, and ordering the slaughter of entire peoples (Genocide)do not stomach well with me. I think it was written by primitive peoples who honestly thought they were doing God's will by slaughtering animals, and killing the "wicked". Even so, we still see this phenomena today with terrorism,and even in a not so distant yesterday with the inquisition, etc.


No, God is a God of love and where love is absent, darkness has authority. Christ showed us the way, the true, and the life - He was/is the way, the truth, and the life. I am honored to follow Him, and grateful for what He did for each of us.


DHAWLIA ==>> Darkness Has Authority Where Love Is Absent

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Welcome to the board DHAWLIA, glad to have you with us. Whether or not you are a progressive Christian is for you to decide, but from what I've seen, we tend not to be very concerned with labels here. I must say you caught my eye when you mentioned Christadelphianism, because for a brief period of time, about five years ago, I was about the join with them. But I just couldn't stop questioning at that point, so I realized Christadelphianism wasn't for me. So I definitely understand where you're coming from from a doctrinal standpoint. I'm even a member of a Christadelphian forum that I'm willing to bet you're a member of as well. :) I haven't logged in in ages, though.


Anyway, since then my approach to theology and Christianity has changed much. But I welcome your perspective here, there are several more theologically conservative members who participate, so you're not alone. It's definitely an eclectic group we have here.


Peace to you,


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Welcome Dhawlia,


Thanks for taking the time to let us us know a little bit about yourself. I share many of the beliefs you mentioned but even if I didn't, i look forward to sharing this space with you for our mutual benefit.


Love in Christ ,


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