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A Quick "hello"


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Welcome Tsisqua,


Good to hear from you and looking forward to sharing this space with you. A very interesting username (tsisqua). Does it have a special meaning?




Thanks everyone.


My heritage is tsalagi (cherokee). My cherokee name is Tsisqua, meaning "Bird".

I'm originally from West Virginia, and currently live in Southeast Ohio. My faith is

Christianity, and although I attend a very right-wing evangelical baptist church my

own views are extremely progressive . . . about evolution, Earth age, sexual orientation,

and scriptural inerrancy.


I believe the bible contains the word of God, and I am a follower of Jesus, but

I also believe that his first disciples began very early to think of him in highly

mythological terms. The work of modern historians and "text detectives" has convinced me

that his core message and teachings are very much recoverable, and in matters pertaining to jesus

I am definitely on the same page as my church.


My wife and I often feel that we must hide many of our beliefs in order to not be

"stumbling blocks" to our brothers and sisters in our church. This is the reason I feel very fortunate

to have discovered this board.


Thanks again,


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It's good that you're here. I doubt you'll become a "stumbling block" to anyone in these forums. It's a good, safe place to explore where you are and where you are going.


Out of curiosity, have you heard of James Treat's Native and Christian: Indigeonous Voices on Religious Identity in the United States and Canada? It's an anthology of a variety of different theologians on the matter. I found it to be a great book.

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