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Progressive? Maybe Not So Much . . .


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Hi All,


Well, the Thanksgiving weekend is coming up this weekend in Canada, and this seems like a good time for me to say goodbye to you all, and be grateful for the almost five years I've spent on this site, and wrap things up here as far as my own spiritual journey is concerned.


I wish you all the best on your respective paths. Each of us has a unique path, and I know that's okay with God. My path, being highly theistic but also mystical and scientific, doesn't fit in very well here, so I think I'll mosey along, and follow God the Mother and God the Father with as much love and trust as I can possibly muster, because our Mother and Father are so amazing.


I didn't think at first that I could be considered a heretic in a Progressive Christian community, but I think I'm probably a heretic here.






P.S. I want to thank Jesus for helping me so much during this time. You're one cool dude, Jesus.

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Hi Jen,


I can't speak for others but I personally appreciate your uniqueness and have grown from your interactions here in a positive way. Perhaps we could all be considered heretic by another depending on past conditioning. Personally, I would rather think of you as unique in your experiences from the status quo. Anyway, thanks for sharing yourself and wishing you the best on your journey. You are always welcome here by many if you are led to return.


PS Do Canadians traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving with Turkey, dressing, cranberries, etc... ?



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Hi Jen!


I, too, want to thank you for sharing your insights on this board. I agree that God understands the uniqueness of the journey, and this board may only be good for each of us for a limited time on that journey. I know I have missed your contributions lately, because they often led me to think in a new way about things. All of us here would be considered heretics by some.


Jesus is awesome!



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Jesus was a heretic in relation to his own time. IMO Jen represents the spark that resists the status quo in much the same sense that Jesus did. We would all like to live in a comfortable and 'philosophically correct' womb. But that is not the reality into which we are born. This board needed Jen and I will miss the challenges and stimulation Jen provided.



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