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Thanks for asking. :)


Currently I'm a tentmaker working to build a spiritual community. Even though I lead from a Christian perspective, this should not be read as a “Christian” community, for indeed it is not necessary to “become” a Christian in order to participate or to lead. Part of my Christian conviction is that we are called to participate primarily in the “human community” in a way that opens the door to new, more vital ways of relating to one another, rather than building of a religious community with a coherent religious identity (aka, church). As the world we live in is becoming more religiously pluralistic, it seems natural to create space for people to gather and share their stories and insights.


Full-time employment makes is difficult to spend much time on the endeavor (and time issues coincidentally are also why I had to drop posting on boards such as TCPC). On the other hand, I believe that the age of “paid clergy” is coming to an end. Eventually, Christian clergy (assuming the “profession” even continues) are probably going to need to become tentmakers in order to pay the bills as congregations shrink and have difficulty supporting mission, let alone paid leadership. Thus, I have the unique opportunity to explore creatively the potentiality of future ministry and feel out ways around the limitations.


So, have I re-invented Christianity yet? Not really, but working on it. ;)

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You might find this thread by PantaRhea (Don) rather interesting. i believe he is attempting the same as you. He refers to his concept as the world is a neighborhood. It doesn't sound far off from what you may be saying. You can check it out here.

Does it sound similar?



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