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just wanted to say hi. my name is ryan and very happy to have found this site. i am 24 years old. always had a liberal viewpoint to my faith and many questions my traditional church either refused to answer or gave a very wide one that did nothing. just wanted to introduce myself. and also see if there was anyone one here from central indiana. i would love to talk to others in my area that have similar beliefs. please feel free to email me at ryanherron9@yahoo.com if you're in my area

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Hello Ryan,


Everyone here welcomes you to the forum. I'm sure your not the only one from another country. In fact, while I may not be from another country, I'm from another planet, mars. :ph34r: If you'd met any of my friends they'd tell you the same thing. No I'm not a little green creature but I'm as klutzy as they come. Still getting used to the gravity here. :)

I hope you find some of our posts interesting.



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