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The Beautiful Trinity


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I just want to introduce some meditations I have had on the trinity. Most individuals see God's nature as a static being somewhere out there, or talk in length about God's will, or some aspect of God without any real understanding. Although difficult to understand, contemplation of the trinity, I believe, leads to a true apprehension of God.


1. I can't help but see it as a dynamic cosmology.

2. It represents a continuum of relation and interdependence of the aspects of existence.

3. The Father is the masculine-holy intention. This masculine force acts on the Holy-spirit, represented by Mary, or Sophia, the wisdom woman. Of whom represents the "womb" of which differentiation was born. This differentiation is the Divine Logos. The son. Representing the Children of God. Or the Soul in relation to the Father.

4. Each part of the trinity are like poles of the same existence of which its true nature is Love, each appears separate, but the soul "saved" "reborn" can apprehend each Holy aspect as One.

5. The Deus, in the center, is the deepest aspect of God, God's true nature beyond any comprehension.

6. The Holy Spirit can be seen as the "ground of being" that Tillich talks about in his works.


I'd say that since the Trinity is God and God's essence is inexhaustable, there is no limit on what one can find from contemplating the trinity.

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Well thought through trinity.


A clarifying question:


Of whom represents the "womb" of which differentiation was born. This differentiation is the Divine Logos. The son. Representing the Children of God


In what way does the son, the divine Logos, "represent" the Children of God?


Another dynamic and familial Trinity is described in "The Shack" of which we will begin as a book study here.


Personally, I haven't figured out a way to talk about the Trinity that makes sense to me. Dynamic and relational are necessary, I think.



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Shekinah, I like what you wrote about the Trinity too.


I think along similar lines and have written about it too with the idea that One God is revealed in three aspects in the Holy Trinity, which is an expansion of the rudimentary idea of God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are the Generator, the [b]O[/b]perator, and the Destroyer, G o d. The generator is the Father that creates the universe and the operator is the Holy Ghost or as you said the female image, which I would call Mother Nature. Mother Nature is the energy that maintains creation. The destroyer is The Son who regains the all-pervading consciousness or Spirit by sacrificing the physical life for the spiritual life.

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I've also seen a description of something that parallels the trinity that describes the top of it as the view from the totality of existence. The Holy Spirit part as functioning in relation to the totality of existence. And the Son part as mankind in relation to the whole. Or God.

I also think of it roughly like the yin/yang. Oneness and creative differentiation. And that which is beyond oneness and differentiation.

The problem is that I believe that this existence is the Trinity, or one with the trinity. But Christians tend to have this hatred of anything that may sound remotely like pantheism. Although I don't believe pantheism is right understanding.

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Part of what I like about a trinitarian perspective is that the moment we point and say "Look, that's God!", we've actually missed 2/3 of the point. It allows us to point, speak, and still allow plenty of room for mystery.


Great sentence it is a Koan, the Tao, a sufi saying, a sutra, and Christianity all in one. Thanks

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