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Ok, this might be too far out there, but i always thought that with a few tweeks to the lyrics, Queen's Your My Best Friend would make a great Christian song:



Ooh you make me live

Whenever this world is cruel to me

I got you to help me forgive

Ooh you make me live now honey

Ooh you make me live


And a few other older rock songs:



Higher Love, Steve Winwood


Spirit in the sky, Norman Greenbaum


Sweet Lord, George Harrison

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I am wondering what music resources people have found that express a Progressive Christian theology? Many of the old standards use metaphores that no longer are life giving. The contemporary "Praise

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Spirit in the Sky was my late sister's choice for the closing song at her funeral. She had been a hippie, was always a free spirit, it was so "her", totally appropriate. And in its lyrics, is echoed the title line of "What a Friend I have in Jesus" which was also one of the songs she had chosen.



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I've just read through the forum on Progressive Christian Music, and it has some helpful resources, but here's the thing:


Our progressive UCC church has a contemporary worship service that prefers rock music -- the louder and more energetic the better!


Yet most of the bands producing Christian Rock Music that I've found lean way toward an evangelical or fundamentalist theology. This leaves me way frustrated.


Are there some progressives out there who are producing loud, energetic, progressive Christian worship music?

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Our progressive UCC church has a contemporary worship service that prefers rock music -- the louder and more energetic the better!

I know a church that adapts rock, broadway, pop songs to theer purposes. I recommend needtobreathe, particularly their early albums in which the references to Biblical themes are more obvious. their songs are more often little sermons or confessions of faith than praise music


Years ago our youth group rewrote the words to "stairway to heaven" and 1 or 2 classics and performed them in church. No it wasn't our usual kind of music.



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Hi friends,


Four other progressive Christian musicians and I have started organizing folk who are looking for progressive Christian music - as well as other arts. I'd invite you to visit the Facebook group for PCAN - the Progressive Christian Artist Network. You can find many musicians there.


We also have an annual gathering called SHIFT. You can learn more about it at www.shiftmusic.org


Here are the sites of the group's four founders. We are all touring musicians with years of experience with UCC, DOC, and ELCA gatherings.








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Anyone know that hymn that starts, "I feel the winds of God today.."? I have forgotten the rest, unfortunately.


Anyway, it popped into my head just now, as I have been working in the garden. Up to my elbows in dirt, smelling blossoms and fresh grass, a little green bug dancing on my arm - it is here, in this moment, that I feel the wind of God breeze through me. I feel the sun on my face and the air gust through the leaves, and it's such a gorgeously God-filled moment.


What a beautiful day to be alive! What a wonderful moment to share in God's creations!


I hope everyone is having a great day to. :)

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Is this the one, Raven?


I Feel the Winds of God


by Ralph Vaughan Williams




I feel the winds of God today

Today my sail I lift

Though heavy, oft with drenching spray

And torn with many a rift

If hope but light the water�s crest

And Christ my bark will use

I�ll seek the seas at His behest

And brave another cruise


It is the wind of God that dries

My vain regretful tears

Until with braver thoughts shall rise

The purer, brighter years

If cast on shores of selfish ease

Or pleasure I should be

Lord, let me feel Thy freshening breeze

And I�ll put back to sea


If ever I forget Thy love

And how that love was shown

Lift high the blood red flag above

It bears Thy Name alone

Great Pilot of my onward way

Thou wilt not let me drift

I feel the winds of God today

Today my sail I lift

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Yes, that's the song! I mostly remember the first verse, but I always liked it - and it fit perfectly with what I was experiencing this afternoon.



You're welcome. :) I'm always happy to have something joyful to share. I hope you're having a great weekend! (And I believe I owe you an email lol now that I'm finished playing in the mud...)

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Thanks for posting that, Joseph! That's a much different version than the one I grew up with. There's something about a church organ that just makes everything a little ... funeral-y. This version was much lighter and quite nice.

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I love Enigma and still play that album today, Rivanna.


It also reminds of the self-tilted album by Deep Woods and particularly their track Sweet Lullaby.


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