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Really Happy To Be Here

determined soul

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Hello everyone, so glad to be part of the group.


My journey to this site has come way of growing up Roman Catholic. The most beneficial part of this education was learning how to pray. Prayer is to the soul, what exercise is to the body. I dove deeply probing for answers to justify my beliefs, what I found instead was Love, from then on everything changed.


My education in true love began with a teacher in the form of a child. My son was born with situs inversus, a rare congenital condition where all his organs are reversed from their normal positions. A cardiac arrest while in NICU after birth caused slight brain damage, which later was diagnosed as autism. Over eleven years he would need three surgeries. The last one was a heart transplant which would take his life.


During his life, the love that could only come from above shown through him. We saw life very differently then most people. Although he was never able to verbally communicate more then short sentences. He changed all our lives and even inspired us to invent a product that we took to market and in turn has also touched lives.


The old paradigm shifted tremendously because our humble, sincere and consistent prayers had formed a connection, a relationship with God that was tangible. I have had too many experiences that just do not fit into the fear based dogma of today. We do not attend church since I see no need to program the children into beliefs that will misguide the soul.


From this perspective everything is different, even the words of my savior Jesus. Reading the bible with spiritual eyes and his words are alive. I am saddened that people have missed the truth of Jesus’ teaching which is for us each to build a relationship with God the Father. This is not a mere mind belief but a soulful journey that no one can take for you.


My experiences tell me that God provides us with His Love if we ask for it with sincerity and humility. God’s Love is Divine and even small amounts will lift the soul over are circumstances. Prayer is the key and sometimes words are not even necessary because sincerity is the language of the soul and it is through our soul that we connect to God who is soul.


Thank you for reading my introduction and I am excited to take part in the forums!


Bill - a determined soul

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Seems like your journey with a child from God was shorter than ours. Our adopted Down Syndrome daughter died three years ago of leukemia. In her 20 years with us we spent many days in hospitals. It does change your life and your prayers.


Again, welcome. We will learn from your experiences.




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A painful but wonderful testimony. Many here including me share your new paradigm. It is truly a journey that no one can take for you. So good to have you here to share with us.


Love in Christ,


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Bill, Thank you for such a deep introduction. I am moved that you do not move with your legs, but with your soul. I feel my path and devotion also is the way of the soul. I see your soul is also on the path of awareness and the path of love. I try to understand it intellectually, but it is an experiential truth. Thanks for the post. I can feel the immensity of your love for God, the depth and beauty of your devotion. Looking forward to your post.

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I am sorry to hear about your daughter. I am gald that you have peace and joy in your heart. So many parents and even my wife find moving on difficult. Love never dies it just takes on a new form.


When we pray sincerely for another, then that is when we benefit the most ourselves.


Thank you for your post and I look forward to sharing with you further.



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Our mind is always playing catch up with the wisdom within our souls. I have found that the heart is meek and will not fight the ego(mind). The ego has to be open to the hearts leading.


I am excited that I can speak of this wonderful experience and feel understood for a change!!!


Thanks :)

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Guest billmc

Bill, welcome to this community! I am so moved by your intro and so sorry for your loss that words fail me right now. But I'm sure you'll be a blessing to our group and find many for yourself here.


Regards from another bill,


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