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Progressive Christianity Series, Jan. 9-30 In Mn


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“Who Speaks For God?” Series at Minnehaha, UMC, Jan. 9, 16, 23, and 30Revs. John Darlington and Bruce Bjork are hosting a January series at Minnehaha UMC entitled "Who Speaks For God?" The focus of the four Sundays is on the building of a morals platform for progressive United Methodists and the community-at-large that is in contra-distinction to the set-in-stone "moral values" agenda of the "Christian Right." The topic for the first workshop in the series on Jan. 9 is: Have We Progressives Lost Our Voice? A Time to Be Silent and a Time to Make Noise.


The schedule for Sunday, Jan. 9 is:


Sermons (at worship) at 9 a.m. (traditional) and 11:15 a.m. (contemporary)

Question and Answer from 10:15 a.m. to 11:10 a.m.

Work sessions from 2 to 4 p.m.

Potluck and Program from 5 to 7 p.m.


Guest speakers to-be-announced.


Contact John Darlington at john@minnehaha.org or (612) 721-6231 or Bruce Bjork at (612) 721-8687, ext. 567 with questions.



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And here's an actual TCPC event being held in Houston, TX in January:


The TCPC Progressive Christian Network in the Southwest Region announces their first regional conference!




Co-sponsored by The Foundation for Contemporary Theology in Houston and The Interfaith Alliance for Inclusiveness


January 21-22, 2005 at the Covenant Church, 4949 Caroline, Houston, TX 77004


Fee: $25 for both days, includes lunch on Saturday.


More information and registration at http://www.tcpc.org/community/comm_docs/ev...ent_details.htm


Or email us at office@tcpc.org




Partial Agenda:


>>Friday, January 21



WHAT REALLY MATTERS? Finding the words to describe who we are, without apology or attack.


Speaker: Fred Plumer, former pastor, Irvine United Church of Christ, Irvine, CA.


Group discussion to follow.





>>Saturday, January 22





Speaker: The Reverend Hugh Dawes, Vicar, St. Faith's Church, London, U.K., chair of Progressive Christianity Network - Britain



Group Discussion



Short Presentations followed by small group discussions on the following topics:


- NOW WHAT? Finding allies and effecting change as a Progressive Christian. With Jill Sandham, Community Development Adviser in the Diocese of Southwark, South London, England


- THEY'RE LOOKING FOR US. Making Progressive Christianity Visible to Seekers. With Surani Joshua, Moderates the Progressive Christianity message boards at Beliefnet.org


- FRAMING THE CONVERSATION: Metaphorical Language. With Geoffrey Gaskins, Secretary of the TCPC Board and Coordinator of Individual Affiliates.


- BOUNDARY CROSSINGS: Talking to Non-Christians and Non-Religious People about Progressive Christianity. With Monica-Lisa Mills, TCPC Web Manager, Religion/Ethics Teacher at Brooklyn Friends School, Brooklyn, NY.






Short Presentations followed by small group discussions on the following topics:


- PROGRESSIVES IN CONSERVATIVE CONGREGATIONS. With Ginny Yingling, board member of the North American Council for Christianity and Ecology and the Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition


- "COMING OUT" TO YOUR COMMUNITY AS A PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN LEADER. With Madison Shockley, Pastor, Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Carlsbad, California


- RECLAIMING THE BIBLE. With C. Irving Cummings, Pastor, Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts


- LOOKING BEHIND TROUBLESOME WORDS. With James R. Adams, President, founder The Center for Progressive Christianity



Panel Discussion



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I really hope that a Progressive Christian lecture like these comes to Santa Barbara in the near future. Santa barbara is very liberal. There is one of the oldest historical UU chruches there and one of it's most popular liberal churches, Trinity Episcopalian church was even spotlighted on the PBS show "Religion & Ethics Weekly" as one of the rare liberal Christian churches who's numbers are actually GROWING rather than shienking.


I think SB would be a very good place for this. I have pretty much given up on my own city Ventura, which seems to be overwelmingly red. <_< But SB is closest enough to me to drive to.

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