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Just What Is An Uncompassionate Post?


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Just what is considered inappropriate or an uncompassionate Post on this site?


It is of course, fine in your post to state your view as an opinion, position, interpretation, perspective, understanding, belief or reference a writing etc regardless if it differs from others. You can even say you agree with or disagree with another though that is not necessary as your point or post will probably speak for you. Having said that, additional comments inserted such as those below add nothing to the dialog except to provoke, demean, and separate us and make it 'personal' even if it is prefaced by "in my opinion" or IMO. Here are some examples that have been used here.

If you believe otherwise you just haven't really studied enough.

In my opinion, you don't know what you are talking about.

I have a PH in theology and you are just plain wrong.

Your statement has no validity in it.

Interpreting it that way is stupid.

Believing as you do shows a lack of intelligence.

Your position IMO shows a laziness on your part.

In my opinion you are not a Christian as you suppose.

Your remarks show you have done very little study.

Your view shows a lack of understanding.

Your view is nonsense.

You are wrong or your advice is not helpful to others.

Your belief is foolish

and .... Any direct inference that gets personal by implying non agreement with the view expressed makes one less than acceptable;

The things these 'type' of statements all have in common is that they add nothing to the dialog in the way of explaining your view, trying to understand the other or edifying the other. Others can form their own opinions based on the differing post. These things do not need to be said. They appear to me as somewhat rude or at the least, uncompassionate remarks of a personal nature against the one with a differing view that can be offensive or demean another and provoke further exchange of remarks that do nothing to stimulate insightful thought or cause one to consider a different perspective. They seem to add little to community.

If one takes pleasure in saying these things then perhaps there are more convenient sites than TCPC for that type of dialog. Compassionate is a word used frequently here. TCPC as an organization believes in principle behavior is the fullest expression of what we believe. (Point 5) The dictionary uses some other words that a have similar meaning to compassion being ... sympathetic, kindly, understanding, tender, charitable, benevolent, lenient, kind -hearted, tender-hearted, merciful and such other behavior. Therefor, it would seem good to me that when we write posts, we consider if we have written it in a compassionate way to others who might have a differing view than ours.

Perhaps many of us (I included) at times may come short of this definition in our posts, which to me, is understandable. Yet it seems to me a good goal to work toward when discussing such things as religion, spirituality and the like which are sometimes difficult in that the subject matter often triggers such emotional responses. It seems to me good to have such a site which places such emphasis on compassion over what one deems 'correct belief'.

JosephM (as Moderator/Admin/Site Owner)

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