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(sigh) Hi There


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Hi Guys and Gals, name is Alvee,


Been through a lot of journeys. Cradle Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Liberal Catholic Church, New Thought, New Age, Gnostic, Buddhism. Even passed by this way once. Looks like I am back, and relieved to be back. Was reading a book called Jesus was a Liberal and one of the things that it said in there, that this Hindu Priest, Ramakrishna advised the author not to look outside of the tradition he was brought up in, that Avatar Jesus brought the same message as other Avatars. I was discussing this with my wife, and I remembered my short stop over at TCPC about five years ago, and decided I needed to come back.


Anyway, I am indeed old enough to have had all these experiences, mid fifties. All my various experiences have been invaluable in helping me put together a belief system that is my own, that comes from inside me, not from some pastor.


I live in the southwest though this is not my place of origin, Brooklyn is. Sometimes I think of coming back to the east coast. Been her 30 plus years.


Religion is pretty Bible Belt here. Either Protestant Fundamentalist or Catholic Fundamentalist. There is some new age stuff here too, which is good, and Unity, and Science of Mind, a little Wicca, but after many years of mysticism I decided that is not really where it is at for me,though I have learned a lot and it has helped me.


I think just good ole liberal Christianity for me, an open mind about God (I tend to see God as female) and following the teachings of Master Jesus, and applying them to my daily life and our society.


Anyway,that is it for now.


Glad to be back here.


Sigh..a resting place.



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Hi Alvee,


A warm welcome back to you, Sometimes it does us well to make the rounds as you have indicated. It gives us new insight even in that which we left and have returned to. Hopefully coming full circle with a greater understanding and appreciation for the deeper parts of Christianity while leaving the rigidness of church dogma and doctrine as the superficials that mostly cover up that which is truely important to us. Anyway, good to hear from you and welcome again.



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Hello Alvee


I've mentioned this before ,but I'll share it with you. There is a book called "The

Zen Teachings of Jesus by Kenneth Leong . In the preface he states that he left Christianity in his teens in order to find the Tao. Fifty years later he realized he could have found the Tao in Jesus.


Anyway ,welcome back,



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