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Peace & Blessings

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I am so thankfull to have been lead to this place. I say "lead" because I am well aware of the fact that the understandings I'm bleesed to now hold regarding the teachings of Jesus Christ have come only because of the faithfulness of God and my , at times none to certain, willingness to keep walking this journey we call life. :-)


I am a minister in a more tradtional expression of the faith yet I do not know how much longer that reality will continue. I am hoping to make connections here with other like hearted souls in my area in the hopes of developing a local community/ministry of the same.


I have looked for some sort of "Networking/Connections" page and there does not seem to be one, then again it might just be me, lol. Maybe the Admin could set up a "Local Connection" forum that would have a page for every State &/or major municiple area.


Well I've ranted enough. I pray God's Peace and Blessing upon you all,


Brother Thomas

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Brother Thomas,


A big welcome to you. I'm certain you will find many here with like experiences, including myself. There is additional information on www.TCPC.org concerning affiliated churches with TCPC. I don't know exactly how far away this is but I suspect it is in the same region of TN. It is a TCPC affiliated Church.

First Presbyterian Church

John Shuck

119 West F Street

Elizabethton TN 37643



Anyway, if after checking out our main site above, there is anyway we can help in your endeavour, please let me know.


Love in Christ,


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