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Hi all,


My name is Dave Salyers and I live in Tehachapi, CA with my wife Sharon and two kids. Sharon tends to be more of the "spiritual but not religious" type who is focused more on knitting and just being out in nature. I need a little more structure, and , quite frankly, would like to find a community of friends.


I guess you can say I'm "confused" in a theological sense. I would define myself as a progressive Christian. I'm a universalist in both the modern as well as Christian interpretations (one often leads to the other). If you're interested in Christian Universalism (which is a natural conclusion for many progressive Christians), I suggest starting with the website for the Christian Universalist Association:




I try to practice the teachings of Jesus (I focus on his Law of Love or Greatest Commandment) but I tend to be agnostic and even skeptical of the traditional definition of "God" - my own definition tends more to the pantheistic. I am open to the wisdom in other religious and spiritual traditions while seeing the same wisdom within the Christian tradition - although I do think that many churches try really hard to obscure it. Obviously I am not a literalist or fundamentalist in any sense of the word.


I have also sojourned with like-minded groups. In the past I have fellowshipped with Unitarian Universalists, in Buddhist groups, in Baha'i communities, in pagan groups, visited Quaker meetings, gone to Unity churches, and have attended Christian churches as varied as the Vineyard, and the Episcopal Church. I currently have ties to a variety of groups including the Christian Universalist Association and the Universal Pantheist Society. I am also attending the Tehachapi Community Congregational Church which is part of the United Church of Christ.


I continue to struggle to tie all of these strands together. I very much appreciate universalism as a world view. I in no way believe that Christianity is the only way. I do believe, however, that Jesus is the Way, Truth and the Life. The Way being one of love and compassion, of justice and sincere seeking of that mystery that I call God. I don't think Jesus was the only one who brought that way, but I do see his way as leading to God, and that by his Way, we can get to God.


I'm not concerned about theology so much (you can read my short essay on the Progressive Christianity section of this board). It's about experience for me. I don't mind if those who don't "know Jesus" come, as I know God can speak through all. If those who come and don't consider themselves Christian are willing to wrestle with the teachings of Jesus and his ancestors and his followers, then I say WELCOME! I'm not set on form either. I do prefer unprogrammed worship (in the Quaker sense), but I basically believe in experiential and experimental worship.



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