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Christmas Too Early


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There is a radio station here that is playing 24 hour christmas music already. It is not even Thanksgiving. WalMart skipped over Thanksgiving altogether and replaced Halloween candy with Christmas stuff. Fake trees, glow-in-the-dark plug-in nativy scenes with optional extra camels, inflatable snowmen, etc.


Am I alone or does this drive other people crazy too?


It's not even advent yet. Where's the anticipation? Ugh. It gets worse every year.

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Just as the Christmas Celebration replaced and reconfigured the pagan celebrations of the harvest and the hope for renewed fertility for the cycle ahead, "The Great Celebration" of the harvest of "In the Black" crops, and hope for a continued material-loving future to come is replacing and reconfiguring Christmas as we Christians created it. Jesus was not born in December! Santa Claus was! As a more useful commercial symbol. Let's go with it! Remember!"Separation of Church and State!"



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I've noticed this trend this year, too. I figured that the marketing guys found that Thanksgiving just wasn't that big of a money-maker so they may as well get on with the main event.


There are a number of reasons why it bothers me:


1.) I like tradition. The tradition has been that we turn to the cultural observance of the Christmas season on the day after Thanksgiving. (everything should have it's season)


2.) I have OD'd on holiday music, eggnog, decoration, and Christmas movies in the past. If I start too early I risk a relapse.


3.) The commercial/cultural observance of Christmas interferes with my religious observance. I mean, how can preparation for the birth of our Saviour compete with Andy Williams and fruitcake?! I'm hopeless. Lent has become my favorite Christian season because I can do my thing without anyone bothering me about shopping or listening to my favorite Lenten hits of yesterday and today.


Lord, Help us to seek Peace and Light this Advent. Amen.


4.) I LOVE THANKSGIVING. We need it. To be a family. To give thanks. To pass out from partaking of the Great Bird of Sedation.


I will defy Madison Avenue by having an awesome Thanksgiving and by giving Peace

for Christmas!


(ok I'll give presents, too).

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