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Hi everyone,


After wandering through the wilderness of Christianity & occasionally getting stuck in the muck and mire of fundamentalist ideas so rampant on television for so many years, I am now seeking a new and improved path.

I have tentatively rejected the "all or nothing" views expressed by so many, and yet do not feel totally comfortable having done that. Thus my name, Seeker4Ever...


I am a happily married woman living in New England. Although I grew up Catholic, I have become increasingly disenchanted and uncomfortable with the politics that now seems to be so prevalent from the pulpit. I reject the idea that I need to "go to confession" because I voted for President Obama. I find that I avoid church altogether during election years. I am also tired of the abortion issue being pounded into my head every four years during election time. As for me, I would never have an abortion, but who am I to tell someone else they cannot? Also, how can I justify a church that allowed sexual abuse by clergy to go unpunished for so long while hiding behind pious and pro-life robes?


I am glad I found this site and look forward to learning all I can and engaging in discussions with others who think like I do.

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Welcome Seeker4Ever,


So good to hear from you. You are of course not alone on your journey and may you find support here with us who may not always have the same understanding of all things yet all can appreciate the freedom of as you say getting unstuck out of the muck and mire of fundamentalist ideas.


Welcome again,

Love Joseph

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