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Progressive Vs U U Christian


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Someone asked on Beliefnet Progressive Christians baord what the basic difference was between 8 Points of Progressive christianity verses UU Christianity. I add my two cents and then everyone tell me if I have it right or not and what your thoughts are. I 'think' the differecne is that while they share the same social justice views Progresive christians view Jesus as the gate or relm to God while libs or UU Christians merely view Jesus as asymbolic Cosmic christ rather than an actual relm to God. What do you all think?

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Basically UU christians relates to two families ..


1st is liberal protestantism, fueled by the writings of Fausto Sozzini ,


A good website on this subject (the content of the early reformers),


(Servetus, Sozzini, Sebastian Castellio)



UU christians relates to some sources 'General Baptism" and Universalists




UU is non-dogmatic -


The difference with progressive christianity is - i think progressive christianity comes form mainline , mainstream christianity..

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I guess I'd say that while "progressive Christians" are often open to those who hold unitarian perspectives, they tend to be trinitarians.


Also, IMO, progressive Christians are less likely to want to borrow from other religious traditions (Hinduism, New Age, Wicca, etc.) and instead are often Christians who prefer to lift up portions of scripture and Church tradition that conservative Christians tend not to; e.g. the prophetic social justice concerns of Isaiah, Amos, Jeremiah, etc. (concern for the poor, justice, systemic exploitation, etc.).

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Brother Rog:

Thank you for this clarification of your views as to why you classified my interest in the Course In Miracles as incompatible with Progressive Christianity.It was on the basis of your remarks that I dropped as being irrelevant my participation in the discussions appearing on this site.


I applaud the move of the author of this topic to question your definition of Progressive Christianity.



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Howdy, folks. I'm new here, but might be able to shed some light on this; I'm a member of both the Unitarian Universalist and Episcopal churches, and religious studies is my academic field. So here goes:


- The first thing to remember is that, according to a 1997 congregational survey, fewer than 10 percent of UUs identify as Christians. This is why there's a Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship (UUCF) for those who belong to the Christian faith or affirm a Christian-influenced theism within the Unitarian Universalist churches. The two largest groups in the UUA are pagans and secular humanists, but you'll also find Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, classical non-Christian unitarian theists, and so on and so forth. The dynamic is wonderful, but things tend to be a little on-the-fly.


- Not all UU Christians are actually capital-U Unitarians; there are many Trinitarians, and for that matter polytheists and non-theists, in the UUA.


- I would argue that there is no real distinction between UU Christians and 8-pointers; most 8-pointers probably aren't affiliated with a UU church, but most UU Christians probably do agree with the 8 points because it's very hard to be a UU if you're not self-critical and tolerant of other faiths.






Tom Head


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