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Progressive Xjws, Or Abrahamic Faith


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You're message has me intrigued. I wasn't sure how to answer it so I checked out your webpage IRL and turned up a dating service site"Tickle"???


I am intrigued because I am seeking members of this site who have had a similar experience of categorization, but I am looking for progressive Christians of the "New Thought" persuasion, rather than the Abrahamic Faith.


I am taking the Course in Miracles at the moment, and was advised this movement was outside the category "Progressive Christian."



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Jeep, again, you were "advised" that solely by me and I am not an official with TCPC or this website. I am but one bulletin poster - albeit a regular one. If you want to pursue this line of conversation on a thread(s) you're free to do so as far as I'm concerned. : )

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I used to call myself a progressive Christian and participate regularly on this site. For a decade or so I called myself a progressive because:


- although I continued to look to the historical Jesus as a model and teacher, I did not believe in the notion that there was anything miraculous about him other than his will to bring truth, love, and peace the world.

-I believe that there are many paths to God

-God does not have direct interaction with the Universe except to stand with us and love us

-The Bible is relevant because it contains the history and wisdom of our faith tradition, and because it contains what some of what little of Jesus' life and teachings we have (although it is subject to significant interpretation because it is flawed by the

ignorance of an ancient civilization)


These beliefs will always be a part of who I am, but I began to make my progressive/liberal beliefs into a rigid dogma. Out of a desire to be open-minded, I became very close-minded. Although I embraced that faith of Hindus, Buddists, Muslims, and Jews, I rejected the faith of mainstream Christians.


At the same time, I began to suffer from an anxiety disorder. I went to therapy and began medication to deal with it. In my search for peace, I also began going to a meditation class. Here, I came into direct contact with a living God and my own divine Self. I realized that:

- God is not just an idea to be debated, but a conscious presence to be experienced.

- Their is more to the universe than what our five bodily senses can perceive and what Science has validated.

- faith is a starting point, but knowledge is a goal.

- Christ is a state of being in which we realize our true selves

- God has a specific purpose for my life

- Until I learn to abide in God, the Universal law of Karma will a play a significant role in my life

- Jesus was a fully Self and God-Realized person whose purpose was to give the world a glimpse of the true nature of God (all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful, eternal)


An interesting thing about this shift in my life is that in spite of the New Age'y' lingo it actually brings me more in line with traditional Christianity (no!!!!!!!!! not that!!!!!) I've been able to reclaim the symbols of my faith tradition and move on. Although I'm completely in line with the TCPC 8 points, my views don't always jive with views expressed at the TCPC forum. And since I'm not interested in debating God at this point in my life, I prefer to just read the valuable and wise words that the folks here have to say.


BrotherRog is right about Marriane Williamson and her awesome program. It flys in the face of traditional progressive Christianity (and yes, "traditional progressive" is an oxymoron)

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For myself..terms such as "Traditional" and "orthodox" don;t mean anything to ME. I think a major reason why this is...is because I have heard these terms spoken by Fundamentalists Christians towards Progressive and Liberal Christians to try and show them how offtrack THEY thought/THINK all of us progressives were/ARE. I am a big believer and supporter of Melton Gorden and Timothy Miller's who promote the concept of all non-dangerous alternative faith groups being called just that...="Alternative Faith Groups." This concept or approuch contrasting to the Fundamental Protestants' position of simply tagging 'ALL" non-Evangelical Protetsnats "CULTS."


In light of this, as a Progressive Christian who happens to be Ex-JW (raised that way) i find I have ALOT in commom with ALL Ex-fundamental religious members who are now either progressive or even liberal. I CAN totally understand why SO many having been raised in past fundamental churches have to seek help for depression. I mean after all, 'if' one's form of Christianity is fundamental in nature rather than progressive than rather than beliving in the conditional interpretation of hell as simply meaning death...most Fundamental protestnats teach that if you don't agree with the Fundamental Protestant view on the Bible then you are going to a literal place of hellfire torment forever. if you were JW..then hellfire is replaced with the threat of simply dieing at armageddon and NEVER being resurrected...


So yeah, that WOULD cause reason for help. So tell me, were you raised in the Abraham Faith Church of God? Just curious...

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