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Reacting To "the War On Christmas"


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Read > http://www.talk2action.org/story/2007/12/4/75123/2654


Excerpt: "Now, after a few years of sitting on the sidelines while an assortment of conservative Christian leaders and Fox's talking heads grinched and groaned about a so-called 'War on Christmas,' some Christian leaders have decided to fight back - and they're doing it with an interesting twist; placing the emphasis on peace and charity this holiday season."


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The conservative vocalizing that has access to the press always appears one-sided because of the failure of liberal and radical theologians to respond in an organized way and to take tthem on in order to present another side. Why have the Christian denominations, including its most right-wing drum-beaters, sat on the sidelines for literally decades while the celebration of the birth of The Teacher became a perverted commercial event? Did it ever occur to these Guardians of the Proper Way of Faith that such public displays of gaudy decoration, spending and the encouragement to spend, and emphasis on the material have nothing...NOTHING...to do with The Master? Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus has become a symbol of everything that Jesus was not. Those who now wring their hands and boo-hoo over the 'War on Christmas' are simply recoiling in horror as people reject what those same Defenders of the Real Christianity have condoned all of these many years: the makeover of Jesus into an idol for worship. People are now beginning to grope and shuffle toward a meaningful Christianity, one that addresses each and every one of them personally, not the idol worship complete with its outdated pagentry and displays of excess. The Jewish Faith and Traditions, The Quaker Faith and Traditions, The Amish Faith and Traditions, etc. are quiet, personal times and celebrations...something that is the exact opposite of the Christian spectacle and circus that is known as 'Christmas'. If the Controllers of Christianity are horrified now, they will be relegated to the sidelines once the Second Reformation begins in earnest. And that Second Reformation wiil begin once liberal and radical Christians learn to stand up and defend their faith in the face of such opposition.

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