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Intelligent Thoughts On Intelligent Design


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+ In The Four Precepts, Wayne Ferguson offers some intelligent thoughts about "Intelligent Design". Excerpts: "While it seems rather obvious that the objections raised by some Christian groups against the theory of evolution have less to do with scientific evidence than with what they perceive to be its moral and theological implications, their belief in intelligent design, nevertheless, is not at all unreasonable." | "Darwin's theory of evolution— whatever it's shortcomings —still represents the best attempt to date to describe the natural history of life on our planet in purely empirical terms. But true or false, it tells us nothing at all about the ultimate source, meaning, and purpose of our existence. For it is only an awareness of our Transcendent source which can ultimately account for our sense of morality and which can also provide our life with a profound sense of meaning and purpose. Apart from that transcendent source, our existence will always appear to be absurd and morality an illusion."



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Hi MT...Long time no talk, but I wanted to duck in tell you that some of us began to think and say these things about 15-20 years ago when it was really *verbotten*. I'm glad to see that some of the logic of the issues involved are finally beginning to bubble to the surface of conventional consciousnesses.


Rock on my Brother !


flow.... ;)

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