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The Sacred Art Of Soul Making By Joseph Naft


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Here's a picure of the cover > http://www.innerfrontier.org/LiterarySourc...rontcover-2.jpg


Here's the book online > http://www.innerfrontier.org/Practices/BalanceDepthTOC.htm


I had to buy a copy even though I often use the online version. I have added it to my canon!


I think Naft's understanding of our spiritual journey is both very clear and very comprehensive.


Lately, his weekly messages have been focusing on "the stages of love." Here are some excerpts from this week's message on Acceptance:


"Dropping, or at least putting in abeyance, our criticisms and judgments is an act of will, a spiritual practice that requires repetition and intention. Our thoughts and emotions may continue their habitual patterns of inwardly criticizing people when they do not fit our mold for them." | "One personal benefit of practicing acceptance is the freedom it gives. Acceptance softens our egoism, whether self-centered or group-centered. It also widens our humility, a quality necessary for conscious connection with the Sacred." | "Notice your inner criticisms and judgments of others. Notice whether you buy into these opinions. Practice letting them go. Though critical thoughts continue to arise on their own, see them now as masking the deeper truth of sameness and person-to-person connection."

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