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Pure Existence


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Our inner drives come from a deep source that keeps the animals, the plants and humans under its influence. Even primitive men felt these forces of the cosmic mind and called them spirits, demons or gods. We as civilized men and women have acquired a certain amount of will power over this control and can apply our influence wherever we please. We can do our work efficiently and we can manifest our ideas into action without too many obstacles or problems. In practical terms this means that our existence as human beings will never be satisfactorily explained in terms of isolated instincts such as appetite, survival and procreation of the species. Our main purpose in life is not to eat, drink, sleep and have sex, but to be human. Above and beyond these drives of our inner reality there manifests a feeling of pure existence.


Spirituality is searching for this purity. May we all encourage each other to find it in our unique way.

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Have you been reading Rob Bell's new book???? :P I'm looking forward to it!


Meanwhile, I agree with your first post. I think the trick is remembering to notice that divine influence/undercurrent without getting too caught up in the day to day world.

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Absolutely agree with the "not getting too involved with the day-to-day stuff" approach. Being selective about what you choose to watch in the passing scenery has everything to do with your outlook.


Focus on what you really care about and screen out as much of the rest that you can or may. IMHO, this is the way that much of the future will come to be.


Too Much Information ? Not Enough Perspective ? What A Dilemma !


A sort of "channelization " of faith energies maybe ? Cool !


flow.... :rolleyes:

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Sex can be a big distraction, but if we look on it as a sacrament of becoming one with another by losing our own existence and ego in the experience, it becomes a prayer of contemplation where the i is lost. Trying not to surpress our instincts or feel guilty about them, they are also our link to be human and a link to our roots. Our only choice then is to employ our instincts into our spiritual practise as we go through and beyond their lesson.


We are accustomed to observing and reacting to the gross manifestations that can be picked up by the senses, and therefore, remain unaware of the subtle forces all around. I think if we become aware of the subtle forces while engaging in our duties we turn our thoughts to the greater problems in life, eternity and God, we come closer to the life principle of the universe without suppressing our instincts. With the widening of our human understanding we can resolve the mysteries of life and understand our instincts and the limits of our five senses.


Our consciousness encompasses the whole of nature including our instincts, and this unseen world is the world of cause. It takes a tremendous amount of sensitivity to hear and see the inner voice of Truth, which is constantly proclaiming the unity of God and man.


This is a difficult question. I don't think we can answer it by just condemning sexual practises.

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