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I'm an aging hippie Christian, gay with a partner of 25+ years. I'm white, he's black.


I'm glad to find this forum, so many avowed Christian forums are sooo toxic to gay people.

I heard of this place thru a magazine I subscribe to: Zions Herald, now the Christian Progressive.


Some of my interests are archaeology; I subscribe to a general archaeology magazine as well as Biblical Archaeological Review; science-fiction(Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica and more), the outdoors: hiking, walking or just sitting on the porch with a morning cup of strong coffee.


When we lived on the West Coast, my partner, an ordained Baptist, was Pastor of a non-denominational lgbt congregation. He is now a recording artist on a small label here.


I guess that's it.

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Welcome, Jonathan! I'm glad you found us. This is a very newbie-friendly forum, so please jump right in and tell us what you're thinking about, struggling with, feeling in your heart, angry about, confused about, hoping for...we're are all eager to live it with you.



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