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Know When To Hold, Know When To Fold


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Jen...I for one will miss your heart and your mind. Do not let the coldness defeat you. I am resolved not to on my own part.

In your action we only can recognize the terrible destruction to freedom that regimentation and inappropriate control can do, even if they are well concealed.


Peace and Love to you and yours,


flow.... :(

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:huh: What happened????? Hope you'll reconsider Jen!


Hi cyberfriend...take a look at the "discussion" in point 1. I really don't like blowing my stack...not good for my blood pressure...but enough is enough, and I'm only human.


Otherwise, I hope that your holidays were as wonderful as mine were, and that the New Year brings you a lot of happiness and joy. We deserve it...ooops...I'm starting to sound like those obnoxious lawer ads that are all over the TV telling us that they'll help us all "get the money we deserve".


I really feel for jen who was only expressing a mystical experience, but was harshly and negatively judged for it...been there...done that...survived... will continue to. Hmmm....come to think of it, Jesus was considered to have been borderline schizophrenic by some scholars. Been there, done that too, I think.


flow.... B)

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[ROFL Flow! Gotta remember - we're all taking this whole life thing WAY too seriously :P ]


I heard a great sermon tonight. It discussed peace, the difference between things you believe in (that may or may not be important to you) and things you care about (which you certainly believe in). The Pastor challenged people to consider the difference in their own lives and to find and change the gaps between what we say and what we do.


Again, I think the hallmark of a progressive anything is the ability to consider multiple points of view. To discuss with grace and love (in the case of progressive christians) differences in opinion without the need to villify people who do not agree with you. Message boards are difficult in their lack of tone - - - enough people have expressed hurt feelings that we should all be wary of sounding harsh.


I for one value this website for the variety of points of view, the historical willingness of participants to consider and learn from other people's perspectives, and the relatively small (absurdly so lately ;) ) number of people and posts involved which allows me to keep up and "get to know" people although I don't spend a lot of time on the internet. It's also been great to be able to talk about mystical experiences many of us have had without getting "the look" often encountered. ;):rolleyes:


Anyway, for anyone who has trouble with a particular poster, there used to be (and likely still is, but I haven't checked) an "ignore" button that can be used so that you don't even have to look at posts by people you find upsetting. No need to ostracize or throw stones... or leave :(


Here's to a wonderful new year of shared interests, experiences, and learning about our awesome and ineffable God.

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For goodness sake, people. There are always going to be people who disagree or find you annoying! If I had a nickel for everytime someone emailed me to say they were leaving the board due to some persnickity comment ;) And I think that we have much less persnickityness than most boards, and most of... well, real life!


Don't go, Jen. That is just silly and not worthy of you.

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