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Now It Is My Son

Jack Twist

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My son the Marine is now in Iraq.


I don''t expect anyone to care much in that I know no one here and have not made any friends or contacts here, my own fault in that I am not here much, but the point is, a reminder that a lot of people have children in Iraq - including a lot of Iraqi parents...


it was a real odd thing to spend New Years Eve discussing with my grandson the possibilities of his father being killed or maimed or coming back physically intact - who knows about the emotional - and we have what, 140,000 troops there - and all the people of Iraq who cannot escape the terror and war in their country - brought there by my country -


I am a pacifist, raised my kids to think for themselves and do what they felt they could do in a good conscience - so I have always been proud of my Marine son - but nothing focuses the mind as knowing he is there - in the midst of it all -


I didn't think it was possible to hate war more than I did but I found it was possible

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Ahhhh... Jack... my prayers and sympathy go out to you. My son is too young and we have been doing a great deal of talking about the Peace Corp, etc. I admire your ability to support him even when the stakes are so high and the call to duty so ludicrist.

I can imagine the surreal conversation with your grandson... but, God works in mysterious ways and makes the most surprising and unlikely good come from what looks to us like terrible misfortune. I pray your son will be home soon and safe and that the good and purpose in this will be clear to you. Godspeed cyber buddy.

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gracious thanks to flow, rivanna, and Cynthia for their comments and thoughts

wonder why a thread on the unimportance of Survivor gets a lot more posts than one about a young person stationed in Iraq





I like to think it is because people aren't sure what to say. Sometimes emotions can't be put into words.

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