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Merry Mystical Christmas


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Inside everyone is a path that shows a way to be happy with a full deeper meaning to life that requires no departure from modern life. This awareness of consciousness can enhance achievement physically or worship spiritually because it can be approached from any direction. It is like the sky all around us, it is not just above because we are in its midst, we just need to open our hearts and minds. Expressing itself in different ways spirituality embraces all faiths, is in all creeds and is inconsistent with none. With deep understanding and roots in the heart Christian spirituality gives fruit, meaning and direction to the presence of God the Father's all pervading consciousness.


Everyone have a Merry Mystical Christmas.....................

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Merry Christmas from me also!


A few quotes from Evelyn Underhill (20th century mystic):


"If, in spite of all conflicts, weakness, sufferings, and wrongs, we open our door, the spirit is poured out within us, and the first mark of its presence is joy and peace.


What matters is the conviction that all are moving towards God, and in that journey, accompanied, supported and fed by God.


The soul's real progress is toward the unspoiled, trustful, unsophisticated apprehension of the little child."

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Thank you for your wonderful gift of words. They remind me of sublime moments that I have experienced. Peace and blessings to you and yours in this joyous season when the light returns to our world, and we give pause to remember a man who brought a most brilliant light to many lives.


flow.... :D

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