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I have noticed that some recent posts seem more like blog entries lately. First, if you actually do have a blog, and if something is posted on your blog, there is no need to repost it here. Feel free to put blog links in your signature or profile, though!


Second, if something is more like a news alert, an article (please don't post full articles!!!), or longer reflections on something, that would also be more appropriate for a blog posting.


What works in this forum is something that starts off a conversation, rather than lengthy news or statements that you more or less hope people might then comment on.


One test is to see how many of the topics you have started have many replies. If you have started ten topics in the last month and all have one or two or no replies, you are pretty much talking with yourself :P Try not to start too many quickie topics but nurture the threads you have going instead.


Finally, it would be great if, in general, we could try not to use this forum as a way to repeatedly drive traffic to another site, whether it be your blog or anywhere else. Of course, feel free to share it once or twice if it is a good reference or put it in your profile, but any more starts to feel a bit odd ;)


Thanks everyone for the wonderful conversations happening here, and please email me with suggestions or observations, or post them here, no matter how small...

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This doesn't have to do with blogs, but in the Link Suggestions category I recently posted a feminist art website, and think now it probably isn't suitable for this forum--it was not meant to be a progressive Christianity website per se. Please feel free to delete it if you can. Thanks.

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OK now I am thouroughly confused. A conversation, especially on a forum like this, is an exchange of ideas.Ideas are generally opinions on certain subjects. Someone gives an opinion , we respond with ours and the chatter begins.How can I 'start a conversation" without first giving an opinion? How can I respond to someone elses post without responding with an opinion. We would all be reduced to saying, "Great post, I don't agree but since this forum isn't a place for opinions, I really can't elaborate on that?" If we are not going to introduce any "news" and/or not give any opinions on anything, what do you talk about?" "I am housetraining my new puppy and heres how I am doing it" for a topic . Every post on this forum started with an "opinion".

I posted a new topic today called " Down with Survivor Island". I definetly gave an "opinion" and asked for responses and criticisms. Is that post O.K.? If it isn't pick out some posts that are kosher for me so I can see what you want.

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I can't really speak for Jim R-- but I think I did explain the difference. Maybe some of the younger

readers aren' t as familar with forums as they are with blogs. I'm just the opposite, as I've

been on the net since the early 90s and blogs didn't exist back then-- but forums did (of course

they weren't graphical).


A blog is a more static type of posting. I think my idea of a new section would help that.

Heck maybe I would even do this sort of thing. I certainly like the sound of my own keyboard

a lot. ;-)




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