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What a find tcpc is! Yes, I'm a seeker and a joyful one, but it's great to find kin in spirit.


I guess I'm a "recovering Catholic," and I had it bad (did some time in a seminary, even--Franciscan). Then I turned to the academic path. Now I'm semi-retired, teaching part-time, and trying to overcome procrastination and get some writing done.


I think it was music that early on spoiled me for too-easy dogmatic religion. I'd found in Bach and Handel that there had to be more to it than that! more, and beautiful, and powerful, and joyful. So I kept seeking and reaching. (My three daughters must have caught something of it--they're ALL in music! see www.thebowmansmusic.com)


Now I continue seeking, and find joy in opening students' minds' eyes to what is deeper and higher than they'd thought, and joy in trying to form that opening and reaching into words. I need help there. (www.hope-quest.com)


I've felt kinda solitary, though. Churches have been either too suffocating (Catholic) or too formless (Unitarian). People though are wonderful!


I'm happy to join tcpc!

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