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I am SO very happy to have found this place. You people are already such a God send! I was raised conservative christian and never fit the mold. People around me knew that and shamed me because I was a liberal with liberal beliefs. I read through some of the postings and belief statements on this website and just knew I needed to be a part. I am at a point in my life where I need friends and support networks that believe like I do. My name is Dani, I am 24 years old- married with a 7 month old daughter. We live in North Carolina which is 3,000 miles away from any family members or good friends. My husband is a professor and I am a special education teacher. I LOVE MY JOB by the way! I get to work with kids with learning differences and adhd, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and aspbergers syndrome!!! I am so happy to find people online that believe as I do that Jesus was an awesome person and that we don't have to follow a long list of commandments to follow him. I truly believe that the reason he came was to show us LOVE and how to LOVE one another not to die and resurrect. I feel like so many people miss that message!!! Anyway, when I think of Christ- I think of a peace loving hippy who I would love to go out to lunch or coffee with and learn from. So many christians are scared to make Jesus humanlike, but he was AND I have to say this- Jesus probably farted just like the rest of us. To most Christians that is SO sacreligious, but it's true- why can't we be at peace that there were aspects of Christ JUST LIKE US? Anyway- I'm so happy to be here. I need friends and family on this server and I know you are out there. Email me ANYTIME danielle@guilfordday.org, I would LOVEEEEEEE to hear from you and encourage you in your walk as well. God bless you- can't wait to meet you all!!!







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Hi Dani:


We're sure glad to have you here and hope that the slow and measured pace of this place of late will be energized by your presence and participation. Yup...more people here believe that Jesus was a sign and symbol of life and cosmic energy as opposed to one of punishment, sacrifice, and death..but most of us have had enough life experience to know that both are necessary for Creation.


I participate more on another site than here much of the time, but I do check in each day and hope to meet you again soon.


Love, light, peace....flow :D

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