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A Newbie From England(europe!)


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Hello, I have just registered here and want ot greet existing posters.


I live in Crewe,England,and my interests are music,theology and railways.


I have been a Christian all my life and my faith has evolved over fifty years. Here, hopefully without making too crude a generalisation, is an attempt to summarise my beliefs in a way which might help those reading my posts or who may wish to contact me by PM.


The concept of Jesus Christ as an image of renewal, His teaching and His example of selfless love are my guide.


I accept that we know very little about Jesus the man,and what we do know was most likely written after His death by the founders of the Christian religion,something which in those days would not have been seen as a fraud or a forgery.


I think that God is a natural process rather than a supernatural person. People have been aware of the energy in the universe, in all its forms,and it is this that they imagine as 'God' and for which they create the images we find in religious writings such as the Bible.


The thinkers and writers who have most infiuendced my beliefs are:


JAT Robinson

Don Cupitt

Karen Armstrong

Jack Spong

Richard Holloway


I think that's enough for now. I post regularly on the BBC Christian Topic Message board,and woudlliketowelcome you tojoin. At present itisalittletoopolarised between atheists and fundamentalists.We need more rational,sane,moderate Christian voices.


Lastly, my typing skills are very poor,so please be tolerant over obvious errors!

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