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Stickies, Faq, Etc.?


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Hi admin and anyone else listening,




After answering my ? how do I find a progressive church in ??.

I was wondering if we could do something as a kind of faq. Or just

an answer that would be like a stickie on the site. I would be happy

to write it. Or we might take it to the board and ask how we would

answer this and give a list of say ten replies, then set these up as

a stickie.


People could still ask the question, but we could have it here as a help.

I'd recommend on the forum. A lot of people get to the forum before

gettign to the excellent page as if you are looking for forums this one

does come up in searches.


Any feedback on this??




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Sure! I think that is a great idea. Of course, the main place I would want to direct them is the TCPC directory of progressive churches ;), but I know there are many more resources for this.


I will try to think of the best way to display stuff like this. I could create an area called "FAQ's" for people to post one-time (no replies) FAQ's about topics or issues or questions that come up again and again on the boards. I could pre-approve them to make sure they are appropriate for the section, even. Or...?


Anyone else have ideas about how to do this?

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