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My Dog Scares Away Jehovah's Witness


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I think the couple ex-JWs would like this.


Today two JW's came to the door. Torie jumps at the screen and bounds around. Obviously they are two new fun playmates (hey she's a dog, she could eat the Watchtower :-)). Anyway, she is barking and carrying on. And I answer the door. I tell them "no thanks", but I could see that at least the lady was very relieved. I think she was wearing nylons.



Torie got a doggie treat. :-)


BTW, I think they are getting a little more careful anyway. I have heard that born agains will not fail to try and convert them. I can actually do a pretty good job of fundie speak and could probably fake it. :-)

Once I told someone I was a Zoestratrian, that gave them pause.



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Well today on the way to church I passed by something like Pagan's in the Park. It appeared

to be some educational activity with booths and so forth.

I just about stopped by. But since I am a creature of habit I didn't.





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