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Thanks For The Echoes


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Thanks to all who have replied, posted and sent me a message. I am truly very grateful for your support and encouragement. It is funny in ministry that most of my time is spent encouraging and supporting others and I end up on the bottom of my list. I implore people to look after themselves, nurture themselves and be kind to themselves, but have trouble doing that myself. I have felt ministered to by you, validated and refreshed. I have felt so bitterly alone and even sharing this and hearing a distant echo from you has lifted my spirits. I've stumbled across some articles by Revd Matthew Fox and am trying to get hold of his books. The 95 theses appealed to me and I need to do some more reading, sitting and thinking. The challenge for me is actually to stay still with it for a while and not charge off and 'do' something. That old chestnut about 'being' more than 'doing'. It is true for me though. Once again, thank you for taking time to reply. You may never know the enormous impact your response has had in making me feel validated. It has given me strength to keep going, keep wrestling and keep searching. Thank you.

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If you wish to be still and read, reflect, and think, do not give others a free license to interrupt your reveries. If you have a cell phone, turn it off or just get rid of it and revert to the old ways. Just a thought from one who fights for and enjoys his solitude.


I would also suggest that you listen to as much music as possible, and explore vitamin and herbal therapies. It worked for me.


flow.... :)

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