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The Plot To Overthrow Liberal Churches


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I just read about this on Theocracywatch.org (my favorite scary website), but there is current effort

by various right wingers to take over liberal churches. (The effort on UU is more involved-- but has to

do with the provision that a church must have a diety, there are those in UU that might not, so... Anyway,

then you don't get your tax exempt status.)


Anyway, for UCC and UMC etc there are splinter groups (in UCC's case it has the name Biblical Witness). Instead of being content in some other church, they want to take over. Apparently they take issues (esp gay issues) and get some people riled up and so forth.


There is info on how they do this here:

www.theocracywatch.org (click on religion)


And talk2action.org--- I couldnt' tell you where but there are links in the theocracywatch's article.


Scary scary.



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I did a search on UCC. Eventually I found it. Do a search on "Shadow war." It emphaizes why it is so important that people understand why the believe what they do, not just the specifics of their faith but why they don't believe in doctrinces like infallibility of scripture, etc. I can see how some could be sucked into what these people are trying to do.

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