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Found 1 result

  1. So many possibilities - an affirmation communion? Why go to California when my dining table is so close? CAFÉ GRATITUDE Café Gratitude is our expression of a world of plenty. Our food and people are a celebration of our aliveness. We select the finest organic ingredients to honor the earth and ourselves, as we are one and the same. We support local farmers, sustainable agriculture, and environmentally-friendly products. Our food is prepared with love. We invite you to step inside and enjoy being someone who chooses: loving your life, adoring yourself, accepting the world, being generous and grateful every day, and experiencing being provided for. Have fun and enjoy being nourished. Welcome to Café Gratitude! "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." – Hippocrates Soups & Salads I AM WARM Hot miso soup with vegetables 7.5 I AM THRIVING Cooked soup of the day 7.5 I AM FULFILLED Cafe salad with mixed greens, carrots, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, sprouts, Brazil nut Parmesan and teriyaki almonds 10.5 Dressings: tahini-garlic, Caesar, fig-balsamic, sesame-ginger I AM DAZZLING Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, avocado, Caesar dressing, capers and Brazil nut Parmesan 8.5 I AM PURE Seasonal market salad Spinach salad with pears, pecans, cashew mozzarella cheese and a fig balsamic dressing. Served with a sprouted flax cracker 12.75 I AM GIVING Ginger-tahini kale salad with sea palm, nori, cucumbers, carrots, cilantro, basil and green onions topped with sprouts and teriyaki almonds 13.75 Raw Specialties I AM HAPPY Live almond hummus with buckwheat and flax crackers 6 I AM ELATED Enchilada in a live tortilla with a sprouted seed filling, topped with spicy mole, cashew sour cream and scallions. Served with spicy Mexican coleslaw 13.75 I AM NOURISHED Live sandwich with almond pate, carrot, lettuce, tomato, avocado and spicy mustard sauce on apple curry bread 13.75 I AM TRANSPARENT Sushi with sprouted almond-sesame seed pate, carrots, beets, kim chee, avocado and sprouts wrapped in nori. Served with wasabi and wheat-free tamari 13.75 ... and more.
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