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Found 1 result

  1. Jim Youngman posted this link for Daniel Nahmod's music. Daniel has several videos on youtube which I downloaded for a quiet time playlist. While listening to "One Power" I had a question. While the song is a statement of belief or what makes sense to me, as a song to worship with or meditate on it seems to be problematic when lyrics say Can one worship using vocabularies from several traditions at the same time? Using Proper Nouns seems different than regular nouns. I think the following might be less problematic. This or a single image in the song "I want to be like water" seems to work better. In an interview Huston Smith, author of "The World's Religions, said that it upset him to go to his church and hear talk about the Buddha in worship. He was a Christian. I am making a distinction between songs on which to meditate and songs which express one's understanding of religious pluralism. I know that whatever works for me will be the first answer. That's not my question. What I am interested in is whether one's view of religious pluralism creates the possibilities of worship or meditation which uses the vocabularies of different traditions in a single time of worship? What do you think? Dutch
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