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  1. Thanks Guys, My family, who I love dearly, do not know of my orientation-neither do my friends. My family are Baptists, but I want to join a Church that speaks to me, do you think I should try and join the Church I want to join? Or should I stay in the Baptist Church?
  2. Thanks Russ! I need to remember that God loves me for who I am!
  3. Ok guys, I've only posted like one topic (Hey from a 15 year old in the introduce youself forums) but I need your help. I've read alot about Eastern Orthodoxy and some Church History and it seems like the Orthodox Church is the 'ancient' church. This is a problem since I'm gay and, well I would have to be celibate if i join Orthodoxy. I'm so worried. I'm worried that the Orthodox church's claims are right and that I'll spend forever in hell!!! Has anyone else struggled with this? Could you guys please help me!
  4. I love it...some really good people on it!
  5. Thanks OA! And what you say does make sense!
  6. Writing a letter is a good idea...it'll let me put my thoughts down on paper. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted!
  7. Thanks McKenna! I'm actually on bnet...are you?
  8. i never talked to her! I got nervous...I'm going to talk to it soon though.
  9. Yeah...I believe we see God in all of Creation!
  10. I'm going to try and sit down tomorrow with my mom and just tell her what I think and feel. I'm nervous
  11. Thanks for sharing AITNOP...thats a great story! I live in God, God surrounds me, I always know that God is there for me...that's my relationship.
  12. No worries, I know what you mean. From my experience, hmm...thats hard! I guess from my experience I thought that God was just a heavenly friend, who loved me...I never saw God as Evil, or mean, just loving, like a friend.
  13. Well I think God is always seeking a relationship with us, and we merely have to respond...
  14. Well actually my parents do know I read Spong..I don't hide it, but I don't do it in front of them! The Church I want to go to is a good mesh, I think. It's got Conservatives, Liberals, and Moderates, and they seem to be a happy church! I prefer a Communal relationship with God, (even though I think I do have a personal relationship with Him)...I don't know who, but some one said "god is personal, but never private" I'm just hoping that they will let my explore the path that will bring me closer to God...
  15. Well its no secret that I want to be an Episcopalian-but they understand that I will be Episcopal in the future...as in not now..But I don't think they WANT me to be an Episcopalian...I'm just going to sit my mom or dad (or both) down and tell them what I think and why I feel that the Episcopal Church is a better fit for me than the SBC. My mom though has said that she thinks Liturgical churches are more worried about 'the readings' (i.e. Lectionary readings) than they are a relationship with God...i've just now realized how to explain that they DO emphasize a relationship with God...they jus
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