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  1. I agree with you Tariki. It difficult to compare Faiths based on the sheer diversity within them. Perhaps, there is no real need to compare them. Perhaps understanding is all that is required. Perhaps, the religion itself does not exist except in the mind of the individual believer. After all, even in Christianity ones understanding changes as one learns to take ones focus off of content and look more at context which is much greater than oneself. You bring up interesting points Tarika. Differences in great writing are usually due to the perspective of the reader. One who looks for
  2. Greetings Flatliner, Know exactly what you are feeling and talking about. I am a Christian minister myself, evangelist, and have been through the same thing. Though it seems 'bad', it is not. It is a real blessing . You are about to make a break-through to real freedom. Your roots in religion and dogma have been severed by truth. You asked for the truth above all else and it is being given you. Check your PM. I will give you a number to contact me directly. Love in Christ, JM
  3. Just a thought I had that seemed 'good' to share... It seems to me, we think we are searching for answers to our questions but what we are really seeking is completeness. That completeness is only found in the undefineable "God" which has no name and is no different than All that Is. The nature and mystery of all things speaks that inevitably this completeness cannot help but come to pass, perhaps, because it always was, is and always shall be. Love in Christ, JM
  4. Yes Tariki, All this can turn the head to jelly. But to the progressive christian, just because the Bible said these things in Romans 1:20 and Col 1:15 doesn't make it true. The christian who rather than folowing the blind guidance of words, puts his trust in the mercy and grace of God's spirit which you in Pure Land might call the "other power" but I do not wish to put words in your mouth so forgive me if I have spoken in error. In my view the progressive christian accepts as little as possible on text alone. Rather he/she waits for revelation knowledge that comes as a gift. I would
  5. To further address this statement by others... ( I realize you expressed you do not share this view) Yes Tariki, I have heard that statement also repeatedly. Yet even in Buddhism for verification one has to honestly and sincerely do the practice to subjectively experience the results as a verification. Yet I see no difference in Christianity. To me, it is more than just "belief". For many when they sincerely repent and accept Christ into their life they have a 'born again experience' that is a subjective verification of the promise of christianity. Many read about a baptism of the
  6. Hello All, Enjoyed all the wonderful posts in this thread. On the point of the difference in the God portrayed in the Old testament and New Testament I would say that for the most part the God of the OT portrayed as jealous, prone to anger, requiring blood sacrifices, vengful and other human character traits is nothing more than the ego of man writing about a God from a very low level of his own consciousness. One who resides in fear see God as the great punisher. One who resides in anger sees God as vengeful. One who resides in love sees God as loving. Having said that.... It is beyo
  7. Well spoken Soma, Love in Christ, JM
  8. Hi Soma, There is no reason that all (people) can't be accepted. I agree with you they can be. But can it all be true? In my view, there are obviously many different levels of truth as their are different levels of consciousness. Man's truth is dependent upon his current level. An angry man sees his world as antagonistic. A fearful man sees his world as frightening. An Optimistic and willing man sees his world as hopeful. A man of reason sees his world as meaningful, whereas a man of LOVE and PEACE sees his world as perfect and complete. My conscious understanding of 'God' now is
  9. Flow, Thanks for your comments. Tarika, It is of course a subjective experience however it is verifiable in others as flow pointed out by comments of having similiar subjective experiences. However, I personally find 'verifiable' an inapplicable word as by what means is it verifiable? By the science of Newtonian principles? To me, science is a dualistic concept with limitations. It can only go so far. The Oneness with God which Jesus spoke about transcends the consciousness of reasoning, logic, and scientific study. It is the world of the unmanifest that yes includes the manifest but is
  10. Hi David, Jean, Flow, Tariki and all, Very interesting thread. I would like to address the question posted by Tariki of revelations to the Christian outside of the Bible but still in line with NT teachings. Is is supernatural? I don't know what to call it cause what is natural to one may not be to another. Does it come from a being or realm? It may depend on definition but from my experience it comes from within my own being (cannot differentiate at that moment the difference because no difference is to be found). Let me share my personal experience on this matter. In the NT Jesu
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