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    I'm a hospital chaplain, so interests tend to go along with professional concerns: pastoral care, theology, interfaith dialogue, health (especially from a holistic, or integrative, mind/body/spirit model). <br /><br />As a chaplain, I also get the best of both worlds--sacrilegious humor and sick medical humor (it helps to be somewhat twisted in this business).<br /><br />Personally, I'm married (second --and final--time), have two grown stepkids, three grown kids of my own, and six grandkids....and a goofy little flop-eared terrier. Family comprises my other key interest, then.<br /><br />Reading interests: <br />>Currently anything by Paul Tillich, Bishop Spong, John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, and William Sloane Coffin, Jr.<br />>nonfiction, esp. history and science.<br />>historical novels (Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe series was especially good)<br />>some fantasy novels (Steven Brust and Terry Pratchett, for example, and of course, Tolkien.<br />Music interests:<br />blues, Medieval and Renaissance, Baroque, country, bluegrass, folk, Celtic, klezmer, and 50's and 60's rock.<br /><br />And anything by Monty Python or Mel Brooks!
  1. My, My! Do I detect a little impatience here? Sounds like you two are ol' pals! Cool!
  2. And may you be blessed also. Welcome aboard. Your kids sound intriguing! I'll bet they are a delight and a challenge. I have three grown kids, and I'm inclined to joke that I must be a fairly successful parent: I allowed all three of them to live long enough to reach adulthood, and we're all still on speaking terms.
  3. If only the school year itself could be like that! Wouldn't it be something if students and teachers could both bound out of bed in the morning, eager to see what questions, surprises, and delights await in the classroom?
  4. Hmmm...If you have either of them, I would be interested in reading them. I'm curious.
  5. How delightful to just be able to teach! I taught for 24 years before heading for seminary, and I have to admit I don't miss all the paperwork and administrative crap. I think I left just in time to avoid dealing with the growing pressure to teach to the tests by which students, schools, and everything else--even the cafeteria food--seemed to be evaluated. Some of us saw this coming, and nobody listened--especially not politicians who thought they were scoring points with their constituents by stressing 'accountability' in education through state-wide testing at various levels. I
  6. The second coming is a theological doctrine that states Christ will return as soon as he realizes he forgot the keys to the kingdom.
  7. Cool! The head of Interfaith Alliance? Right on! (What's AAR? My ignorance is showing!)
  8. Closest thing I can think of to a Progressive televangelist is Al Franken! In his last book (the tiltle escapes me just now), there was a powerful piece of satire on the "SupplySide Jesus" that would have had Jesus and the OT prophets cheering him on, pounding the table and each other, with tears in their eyes from laughter! Jim Wallis would be a good one for a regular program along the lines of a progressive 700 Club. It could have a panel of co-hosts: Rev. Barry Lynn of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Rabbi Michael Lerner of Tikkun magazine and the book, The
  9. Hot damn! An ELCA Lutheran?! I was an ELCA pastor before becoming a heretic Now I'm Unitarian Universalist (hence 'Luthitarian' Luth eran = Un itarian. Luther's messages of unconditional grace and acceptance and his clear panentheistic mysticism ('God can even be found in the contents of the belly of a louse') are still central to my personal theology.
  10. Flow, I looked at your profile and I see that you are also a fan of the blues. D'ja know that Charlie Musselwhite has a new cd out? Haven't heard it yet, but it ought ot be good stuff. Love that harmonica!
  11. Learn from our mistakes?! Are you familiar with the Darwin Awards? I work in the medical field as a hospital chaplain in a trauma hospital. It's pretty much accepted as gospel in the emergency room that stupidity = job security.
  12. Hey! Two obvious (and classic!) choices I hadn't thought about to round this out to an even David Letterman Top Ten: 9) It was God's will. 10) It was a warning/message/punishment from God.
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