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  1. 1-No Evidence that it wasn't 2-The Church made alot of money abusing the followers, the bible never assessed things that would prevent them from doing so. 3-The Bible and Preaching Pushes people away, while my movement brought some together and aims to bring them together. 4-Your bible preaches fear and submission like a puppet. 5-Your bible makes absolute no sense in many ways such as the fear and submission from holy gods and preaching that satan is so powerful he created everything not-written in the bible like homosexuality 6-Your bible claims God cares i
  2. Hello I want to reach out with progressive christians, I have so much to offer your movement being one myself, I opened a discord church that works on Discovering the secrets of Objective Morality, and only by peer reviewing various morals can we succeed in finding the right ones and discarding the wrong ones, Make christianity great again and spread a message of true utopian love, without the shackles of communism and capitalism. I am here to spread the holy word and here i offer you a Modern true prophecy that cannot be denied, this prophecy needs to be seen by all. https://pastebin.c
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