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  1. Look at covid right now how many people have died how the world has virtually stopped from a virus ? A virus is a parasite for decades we have had drugs like Invermicten , and the malaria drug Plaquenil Trump took that kills parasites . A few doctors have come out proving it works against covid . Still they let people die in hospitals because big pharma that controls the medical association wont make tens of billions off their vaccines . A few scientists have also proved a virus can be killed with high frequency sound waves just as we all have seen a opera singer shatteri
  2. I use the spoken word which is a very powerful tool to change conditions in myself or the world . Since everything is energy as Einstein proved when we speak something we are sending out a energy impulse of a higher frequency to overcome all negative energy . God said , " Let there be light " There are many useful affirmations , invocations out there depending on what conditions you want to change in yourself or the world . I also try and still the mind everyday which helps .
  3. I just wanting to learn from others and share my observations . I happy people want to progress Christianity making it relevant to todays world .
  4. Jesus Christ told us be ye wise as a serpent harmless as a dove .To be wise as a serpent you have to know there are serpents . What we call today narcissists , psychopath They are out there always seeking power and privileges for themselves .We see them in world entertainment , politics .What is the most power in the world ? Religions standing between people and their god. So after time most religions become corrupted with the wolves in sheep clothing .Those that appear like whited sepulchre , but are filled with dead men's bones . They take over a religion turning into a tool to control pe
  5. Well Jesus Christ 2000 years ago brought forth a new age that can't be denied .Look at the known history before Jesus and look at the world today how far mankind has come . Jesus questioned the established church its doctrines its priests who were keeping the people trapped that they alone where the mediators between God and man . Jesus brought forth new higher teachings about God , heaven that went against the established norms of the Jews then . Ironic people today aren't willing to accept any higher teachings on God thinking they only have to follow their church doctrines just as t
  6. The kingdom of God I internalize from Jesus teachings that it is a state of mind . That's why he said over and over the kingdom of God is at hand . Meaning right now this very second we can experience it by following the teachings Jesus gave us . Being as a child having a open mind to new things, teachings not trapped in a mental box we never question. Looking at the beam in our eye which means working on our psyche uncovering the ego and all its workings . Overcoming the mass consciousness the herd mentality that Jesus called the prince of this world . Putting on the wedding garment which
  7. Then why is mainstream science denying the importance of quantum physics ? That how a scientist thinks can change the course of a experiment which proves consciousness is everything . Consciousness is how things evolve through the energy of the mind not Darwin's out dated theory based on observations from his limited views 150 years ago still be taught ? Two random events dont create another random event that build on it until a new life form is created ? Even the fallacy of the big bang is still being taught ? When scientists have discovered the universe is expanding at a accelerat
  8. The problem is when modern people read the Bible they think with linear, rational mindset like lawyers .Woe unto ye lawyers as Jesus said ye have taken away the key of knowledge .In ancient times thought in a mythical way they saw the symbolism in stories .Just 2 people could never create all of humanity its biologically impossible . Just as Noah's Ark if there was only two animals of everything how did they feed the lions ? Its symbolism its wasn't the entire world was covered in water , but their world was which was as far as they could see . Why would God put a snake in the garden
  9. Well the Creator didn't create hell , but such a place exists . It was created by life streams those who rebelled against God and his law of freewill . In their intense anger at God they are burning up inside that's why its perceived as a place of fire .Its also been called the astral plane or emotional realm which is the lowest level that is right over us .That's why people who taken drugs , suicide have all described a similar place .
  10. Most science today has become a religion where we now have a priesthood of scientists , educators , who reside in there ivory towers of higher education. Never questioning their beliefs on materialism and putting down others who do . There just as the clergy was in the middle ages when scientists came out with discoveries that questioned church doctrine . Its ironic that when scientists proved the earth wasn't the center of the universe and that the sun didn't revolve around the earth that those beliefs were wrong it started Christian fundamentalism . Where the followers believed in th
  11. When I think about how big the universe is with billions and billions of galaxies . How light hasn't even reached us from the farthest distance of the universe . I think the Creator would have created a way for its creation no matter how far it got lost from God to reconnect . And when Jesus says no one comes back to the father , but through the son he was talking about the mind of Christ .Where in a instant by tuning into Jesus through him or his words we can reconnect back to the formless God . Where we get that feeling that can't be explained with words just experienced .
  12. I try to follow the path that Jesus taught the kingdom of God is within you .So I work on my psychology trying to overcome the beam in my eye which is our ego. Letting my eye be single Seeing that black and white thinking ,is the cause of most of the problems in the world the knowledge of good and evil . I understand what Paul meant when he said, " I die daily " and work on that .. Seeing my limiting beliefs that hold me back and attempting to let them go .
  13. I Am A Thinking Christian , Psychology of Evil , by Kim Michaels
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