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  1. Hi, I am new here so just finding this thread now. I know it is very old but rather than start a new one I thought I'd give my 2c fwiw! I have some experience with Sufism and have recently returned to identifying as a Christian rather than a Muslim. I can explain about that if anyone is interested but suffice to say I see no conflict between the two and my return to Jesus isn't in the manner of a rejection of other things. It's more than that. But that's a different issue, what I wanted to say was that my understanding of Sufism has always been that it is not in fact exclusively Is
  2. As it says above! I've intro'd myself in the intro thread so won't go into that again. Basically I am looking for a daily practice but have not found one yet. Contemplation/Prayer is something I need to incorporate but not sure how or what form this would take. Would be great to hear about other people's practice or any advice! Thanks!
  3. Hi, I am new here so I guess I should do the intro! Basically and briefly: grew up in Evangelical household, father was pastor. Rejected it all and went on a journey to find myself/Truth/God/Whatever - went through many things - Gurdjieff, Islam, magic and assorted other things. I learnt a lot and, believe it or not, grew a lot through it all but none of it brought me closer to God. I never felt I was lost or sinning or anything, just not closer. I was always opposed to literalist Christianity (but not Jesus) though I was never an atheist, I saw myself mostly as Muslim I suppose in an
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