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  1. My friend you don't even not know your Bible. Because you just have makes your own believe that cannot prove nothing. The Devil or Satan love that people says that he not exist. And the Bible is clear about him. I know that you are an Atheist try to squeeze the Word of God. Read Genesis 2. Read Revelation 12:1-18. Ask questions if you don't no nothing about Christianity.
  2. I am just talking about how that you are seeing things without any understanding. Go here and take a look my friend. end-times-prophecy.org
  3. Maybe Revelation 12:1-17 can prove you what or who is the devil. You are searching for the name devil, read Revelation and you will see. The devil has existence before the World has created.
  4. Don't you have never read Isaiah 14:12-14. Zachariah 3:1-2. Ask me I can help you know the scriptures.
  5. O, sorry it is the devil that have give John the Revelations. Take care.
  6. Check this in your Bible if it is from only the Old Testament. Revelation 12:17 and Revelation 14:12
  7. Sorry my friend, you don't understand the scriptures. You are just following men teaching.
  8. I don't know what you mean with 21st C people. Show me where I can find that question.
  9. Do you love the Sabbath? Yes? Why don't you keep it?
  10. The Commandments stay till the end of the world. Matthew 5:17-18. Does this world has PASSED away? Let me teach you. The first four commandments belongs to God. That is the FIRST. The six other Commandments is for humans. That is the SECOND. If you love God keep all the 10 Commandments. Including the forth commandment the Sabbath day of the LORD.
  11. My friend, the question is, what is God power. Answer: The Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit is not a third separated being the way that they have teaches you. The Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ Himself in the true Christians. What more question do you have?
  12. If you don't believe in God, how can you know better than a converted Christian? If you want to know how God works, open your heart and invite Him to come inside of you and clean the mess in your mind.
  13. Just like you my friend. Are you keeping the 10 Commandments?
  14. The Holy Spirit is God's POWER, not only in this world but the whole universe.
  15. You didn't read or pray before you have read it. And they have also an email address. Everybody that has do exactly what they say has seen the truth. Because all they say is exactly what the Bible says. I'm open of all understanding. Give me a question answer see if I cannot answer it BIBLICAL, and then I ask you a question and see that you can answered me BIBLICAL.
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