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  1. The Torah is more than the "ten commandments", it is the entire first five books of the bible, which define everything that is sin. Homosexuality is forbidden and punishable by death according to the Torah. And what more proof do you need that homosexuality is not natural by the mere fact that the semen the body of a man produces is made to impregnate the body of a woman? Are you so reprobate in your own mind not to understand this basic biology of our human bodies? Sex is a great gift God has given man, which gives man much pleasure, and in the beginning God commanded us to have sex, "be frui
  2. The commandments to love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself includes all the other commandments of the Torah, not excludes them. You have misinterpreted these two commands, and have subsequently fallen out of love, into torahlessness, and into a delusion thinking that an act contrary to nature is "love". It would be like someone that justifies having sex with his dog because "he loves his dog". It is perversion and delusion, and contrary to what the Law of God, which is the Torah, teaches and commands.
  3. I quoted exactly what is written in the Law of God, which is the Torah, "a man shall not lie with another man".
  4. I would like to publish the estimated dates of the events of the 1 year great tribulation. These dates and times are based in Jerusalem, which is where prophetic time is measured from. To convert these dates and times, add or subtract based on the timezone you are in. For MedellĂ­n, Colombia, which is GMT-5 timezone, subtract 8 hours. For Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is EDT timezone, subtract 7 hours if it is daylight savings time, or 8 hours if it is not daylight savings time. All these dates are estimated, because our solar years are no longer 360 days as it was in the beginning
  5. You're delusion. "A man shall not lie with another man" is "a man shall not lie with another man".
  6. Hey guys, I just created this account and would like to share a bible study I did regarding the calendar of the Torah. The bible study is in written or video format. In this bible study I discuss why the ancient calendar of the Torah was a 360 day calendar, why the calendar of the Torah was based on the moon, what the "new moon" of the Torah was, why the months of the Torah were 30 days, why the current official Jewish calendar is different than the ancient calendar of the Torah, how to determine when "New Moon One" of the Torah is in our current calendars, why the Messiah would've died on a W
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