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  1. Just wanted to let you know I did post this response, and thanks again! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- site address deleted by Admin Posts here become the property of this forum and may be referenced but this site doesn't allow non sponsors to advertise nor put our posts on another forum God bless.
  2. Hey thanks! Between work, the holidays, and being sick...it's been tough getting any time to do what I love to do the most. Certain cultures do indeed try to change the "Christian story." The homosexual culture, for instance, seeks to teach all "love" as good, contrary to God's will. And that is what many do, they try to mold Christian values into, or out of their own cultures. And I would agree the maturity level of the one being taught is important, but I would explain Justification to both a four year old and a sixteen year old. And I think both would be able to grasp this simp
  3. Sorry Thormas, it has been a little busy, but thanks for the reply! That is one of the great problems in modern Christendom...they think a differing culture changes the way we view how we are to live. Simply not the case, right is still right, wrong is still wrong, evil is still evil, and holiness is still holiness. The language of the King James, for example, is not so detached from our present (English-speaking) cultures that they cannot understand the teaching of Scripture. As far as when "...doctrine was formulated," the Doctrine of Scripture is timeless and unchanging. Meaning t
  4. These are all great questions, Thomas. You ask these in response to... To answer your first question, this is not a hard statement to understand. Nowhere in Scripture do we find anyone having faith that did not first have the will of God revealed to them. This began in the Garden. God gave man His will for his life and Adam responded. I think the next questions will serve well to expand on the meaning of the statement. God is only immanent in those who have been born again, and this did not begin until Pentecost. And even for the Regenerate we see His intervention
  5. If you understand the significant differences between what you said and how it was addressed it is illogical to conclude "hair-splitting." Is it your typical manner to insult new members? First, you should understand the Theology of your antagonist before you try to categorize their views, and secondly, you were given Biblical Theology. Theology that denies "western theology." On the contrary...you just did. If you look at the title of the board you will see a word: Debate. That means, Burl, that people are going to disagree. No need for you to respond with insult
  6. Most people use the term "Justification" because it is a Theological term and Doctrine. We don't need to change our terms in order to "connect" with "21st C people." It is our command to have them connect with what God has said. Great! I don't take that view: Man was created by God and for God. It is Man's obligation to be "for God." Sorry, lol, have to disagree with that as well (please don't get annoyed). Many have embraced "Free Will" and think that men have the ability to understand the Gospel and essentially save themselves. The only free will
  7. Well, it's a little early to be coming to that conclusion. If we take the view that Temporal Justification is in view in both James 2 and Romans 4 we clear up many things that confuse so many. Particularly those who are works-based in the "faith" they follow. You say this as though Christ is in everyone and men simply need to come to that realization. The fact is that all men are born separated from GOd and because of this are under condemnation. Not only do we consider that men must receive Christ in order to "know" that they have eternal life, but look at the fact that Ab
  8. For 500 years we have seen Catholics and Protestants dispute how one is justified. By faith alone as Paul teaches, or, as James teaches, by faith and works. There is a simple solution: both are, in the critical passages, speaking about justification...not Eternal Redemption. Abraham was justified by faith alone, but, he was also justified by faith and works. And as long as you do not impose an eternal aspect to that justification you will have no problem maintaining the proper distinction between passages dealing with Old Testament Saints being justified in a temporal context and men being
  9. Hi guys, just wanted to say hello. Looking forward to some good discussion! God bless.
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