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  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you have blessed holidays with your loved ones. God bless us all! 😃🤶☦️
  2. Why are you welcoming me in this thread? I think I posted an introduction thread in the introductions forum. 🤔 Also, science proved that we were not designed to be omnivores. Well, we can tolerate certain amounts of meat, but we thrive on fruits and vegetables. There's a long list of scientific data here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/science-verifies-4459105
  3. As an aspiring raw vegan, I like to start a thread every now and then about healthy eating. Let's talk about fruits and veggies. Everyone says that including them in our daily diets, especially in their raw form, can help us improve our health. Do you have any favorite fruits and vegetables? Let me know which do you prefer and how often do you eat them. 😛
  4. Do you like to read Christian fiction, either based on Biblical stories or related to Christian morality in general? Do you have any favorite Christian novels or poems, or maybe even a Christian author that you particularly enjoy? 😊
  5. If you had to choose just one of the New Testament Books (the 4 Gospels, Acts, the epistles of Paul, Peter, John, James, Judas and Revelation) that resonates with you the most, which one would it be? Feel free to share your thoughts and arguments about this issue in as much detail as you can.
  6. According to Wikipedia, "progressive Christianity draws on the insights of multiple theological streams including evangelicalism, liberalism, neo-orthodoxy, pragmatism, postmodernism, Progressive Reconstructionism, and liberation theology". Which of these theological streams would you say has influenced you the most and why? 🤨
  7. Hello! I am an Eastern-Orthodox Christian from Europe. I decided to join this community to learn more about progressive Christianity and engage in friendly discussions with fellow Christians. I hope you're a friendly group. See you around. 😃
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