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  1. On 10/6/2020 at 6:32 AM, PaulS said:


    As Joseph said, keeping the site up and running for at least the next 6 months is a go.  I don't particularly want it all to fall on me either as that is simply not going to be financial sustainable, but I don't want to see the site disappear either.  There's way too much valuable resources to seekers here to simply ditch it all.  But when I get back from work in a couple of weeks I intend to look into things more to see what options/choices there may be.  In the meantime, I'm of course happy to receive any donations from anybody interested.  Just Paypal at 1paulsmedley@gmail.com

    Cheers all



    I have no issue with a donation but I am concerned that no one seems interested in continuing. Certainly you and Joseph, at least for 6 months but other than ireverance, is there anybody else?

    Trying to determine if it is time to move on given a lack of sufficient numbers to make it interesting.

  2. 22 hours ago, PaulS said:


    Irreverance & Thormas,

    Thanks for your preparedness to support the site somewhat and for all those excellent suggestions.  I am definitely keen on keeping this forum alive but have to acknowledge that both money and time to maintain it may be an issue going forward.  With Joseph's financial assistance and any other donations that you guys and hopefully others may be prepared to make, I will carry the balance for at least the next 6 months to keep the site running during this transition period and see what we can do about financial support.  In short I am not going to be able to financially support it forever at these rates, but let's see what can be done to hopefully attract some more support from those who find value in reading or participating here.

    I am exceptionally busy these next couple of weeks with work, but will monitor the page and give it more thought and hopefully be in a position to start doing what may be required, soon.



    Seems we have 7 days for a final decision. Let's see if there are others (already Paul, Joseph, Irreverence, me) who are willing. If not then I guess it becomes a question of waiting 6 months or pulling the plug in a week?? I don't want it to all fall on Paul.

    Thanks Paul



  3. Now, with the 'revelation' of his (trumpster) taxes we see what many in NYC, most in the real estate world and many others knew: he is not a good business man, owes millions, has failing businesses and takes questionable 'business expenses.' And this clown questioned Obama's taxes years ago.




  4. 7 hours ago, irreverance said:

    I used to be an active member a loooooong time ago (around 2005). I just popped in to see what was going on. Boy am I glad I got here before Oct 8. 

    Since then, I've worked as an online community manager for a business. Maintaining an online community can be a lot of work.

    Based on what I'm seeing, this community may need to go into "reinvention" mode. Personally, I'm a fan of the forum format. It's much more efficient if you want to find information. The problem is that those platforms are generally off the beaten path. So, you might want to consider going to where the people are: Facebook. 

    I'm not a huge fan of Facebook communities. They aren't good for finding content and discussions. Either you jump into the discussion early, or it passes you by as it moves down from view and gets lost in the stream. 

    But they are efficient, and they can work well to attract a following. My general recommendation to anyone who wants to grow a group is to start with a free Facebook community, and then after you have become large consider a forum format. 

    So, here's my recommendation for the future of this community:

    1. Move to a FB community.
    2. Sculpt a plan for curating regular content that invites engagement.
    3. Once you have a couple of weeks worth of content, take the money that would have gone for hosting and place it into well-crafted ads (super cheap on FB). Use the FB algorithm to target those who may be seeking to connect with other progressive Christians. 
    4. Have an onboarding plan for those who join. (Required survey upon joining to find out why they are joining so you know how to craft ads and community content. Send a PM to start a conversation. Have them introduce themselves. Etc.)
    5. Measure performance and adjust to stay aligned with your goals. 

    If you all decide to stay here, I think it was mentioned somewhere up above that you were looking for people to sponsor a month for $20. I would be willing to pick up a month to help keep this place alive. 

    I hope that's not too rambly and incoherent. I'm half asleep as I type. If I stay here much longer, I'll prob... ....  .   .. . .. zzzzzzzzzzzzz............

    Makes sense but I'll let others react as I have never been part of FB

  5. 8 hours ago, irreverance said:

    I'm a bit of the armchair contemplative. I think listening for God in the silence helps me to pay attention to the Divine Movement all around throughout my day. This attentiveness is the primary form that prayer takes in my life. 

    If you are looking for something practical, you might like this site: http://www.carmelites.net/daily-disconnect-podcast/

    Interesting, I haven't thought of Carmelites in decades.

    I do like your idea of 'God in the silence.'

  6. 23 minutes ago, Burl said:

    Sad, but this site has consistently failed to attract and engage new users.  We could do 95% of what we do as a group email.

    I think it would be better to engage in a larger, vibrant community such as TheologyWeb.

    So does this mean you would not consider a small monthly donation for say a year?

  7. 10 hours ago, JosephM said:

    Thomas, BTW,  This image has appeared with a link to how to become a Site sponsor over 319,000 times the last 2 years with  zero response.


    Again, times are now different.

    To answer your question, since I suggested it, I would be willing to donate $5 monthly if, with the others making a similar commitment, that would get us to $45 as long as we have at least a joint commitment for a year. Alternately, a monthly fee or a payment for a month has some possibilities as long as there is a commitment from others for at least a year.

    Will wait to see what others have to say.

  8. 13 minutes ago, JosephM said:

    Not a bad suggestion Thomas but our present bill of $20/mo couldn't even get but 3 willing to donate $20ea for the whole year  . SteveS55 and Paul and myself.  So Paul and myself picked up the balance for the rest of the year to this October.  http://tcpc.ipbhost.com/topic/4350-help-our-annual-october-fund-raiser/

    Perhaps joining Facebook or free social media may be the best suggestion as forums are on the decline.  


    I'm working to see if they will make an exception for our pricing but if not perhaps there are free forums with advertisers paying the bill available elsewhere on the web.

    That was the past, perhaps the new circumstances will encourage others to contribute.

    But we shall see.



  9. Regarding the possible closing of the site, a few thoughts come to mind:

    * ask the 'regulars' if they would be willing to contribute something monthly (for example $5) and suggest (or charge) others who are not regulars donate $2 if they want to participate; if they become regulars then the donation moves to $5 (if the site brings in more than $45 monthly the balance is kept in an account for future payments should the number of regulars drop).

    * have a minimal monthly charge for all (like the former Spong site) for membership and set the rate by the initial number of people (example 9 regulars X $5) who show interest, add members at the going rate as they show interest (bank the extra for future payments as above).

    * join and make comments on the main site

    ^everybody join Facebook???

  10. 12 hours ago, Pipiripi said:

    My friend you don't even not know your Bible. Because you just have makes your own believe that cannot prove nothing. The Devil or Satan love that people says that he not exist. And the Bible is clear about him. I know that you are an Atheist try to squeeze the Word of God. Read Genesis 2. Read Revelation 12:1-18. Ask questions if you don't no nothing about Christianity. 

    Oh Pip, poor Pip..............

    You read the Bible literally and, in spite of Paul's best efforts to provide reading material, you have no idea how to read the Bible, understand its construction or that it is the insights of men in different ages and not direct revelation from on high.  

    No one can prove anything either way............and I believe God is 'sad' that people (you) fall back on the illusion of a devil, judge others for not accepting that illusion and forget the commandment of Love. You take words from the Bible and make of them idols to worship or fear ............and forget that it is simply all about love of others. 


    We can go on like this forever Pip and as long as you present nonsense, some of us will continue to correct that ill informed presentation. 




  11. 12 hours ago, Pipiripi said:

    I am just talking about how that you are seeing things without any understanding. Go here and take a look my friend. 


    Pip, there is no devil..........there is only God in whom we have our being. We don't need a 'devil' to tempt us (or blame), we are surrounded by self-centeredness and, if we opt for it, we are blameworthy.

    There are not two powers, there is no such duality, there is only the One who is Alpha & Omega.


    I have no interest in end-time conspiracy theories or misinterpretations of the book of Revelation. 

  12. Of course you feel guilty, he's your father, you love him and it is a very difficult situation. 

    Not sure if you have a family of your own to consider but it must be a toxic situation to always be surround by such stuff - toxic even if it is just you. 

    I agree that you need, if you haven't already, to have a heart to heart with him and if it doesn't change then you have a tough decision: live with it or find him another place to live. There is also a possible 3rd way, tough love: sometimes the best approach is to say "this is my house and I don't want this nonsense in my home. I won't pay for it and I don't believe in it and I don't want it polluting my home. You can live here but this stuff ends." You can also tell him (again if you haven't already) that it is really harmful for you and your peace and health. Hopefully if he remembers he loves you, he might begin to see that he has to change.

    It's not easy.............

  13. And then we have cancel the right to vote with trumpster minions disrupting and intimating voters in Virginia. Love that respect for the Constitution.

    Perhaps if they were more confident in the trumpster, they would stay home and let others live out their right to vote. 



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