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  1. Paul Don asked the question to which Bishop Spong responded in his weekly note yesterday (03-12-15). Thanks for your suggestions to which I add John Dominic Crosson of sure. Peter
  2. I share Don' Caron's concern and have personally found helpful "Praying a New Story" by Michael Morwood. I find it a great start on writing new liturgy in a more modern understanding. I'm personally free as a congregant where a priest is less so, having a bishop to answer to. I am currently in my fourth year of EFM as a way to pull me back toward orthodoxy. My last worship for the class this year will be a short Eucharist based on Michael's writings with some modifications of my own taken from Jack's 11A sermon in Dallas last year. What a wonderful ending it had talking about Jesus's forgiving those killing him even as he was on the cross. Bearing in mind that we are at all times to see to the needs of others I shall use pre-consecrated elements so as to not offend anyone in the group. We will however re-enact, if you will, a consecration where we all participate similar to the way the three Roman Catholic Women Priests were consecrated at the ordination I was fortunate to attend about three years ago. Long story short Michael's book is the first and only one that has moved me into an arena i has wished to enter. Perhaps others in this forum can point me toward other sources. Peter
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