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  1. I have mapped the concepts from "Liberating the Gospels" to a large circular chart with the Jewish months at the center, surrounded by the 51-52 Sabbath days, then another circle for the Torah readings, the next for the 8 festivals, and then 3 more circles for lections in Mark, Matthew, and Luke. I'd like to hear what, if any, other research or activities are going on with respect to the ideas of Austin Farrar and Michael Goulder regarding the close alignment of the lections in the Synoptics with the Jewish lectionary. Seems like an extremely fertile topic for discussion groups. I heard Bishop Spong speak in Topeka, KS, in the fall of 2013, which is when he explained his notion of the "dark" phase in NT history, between the crucifixion of Jesus and the earlier letters of Paul. The tradition was alive and well in the synagogues!
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